TRAPPED INSiDE the iPAD?! Adley & Dad play a new family game! and beach visit! my town app review

Trying to get OURSELVES out of the iPad!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome back to Adley’s App Reviews!! Today we are playing a game called My Town!! I found this new game while I was playing Roblox and I decided I wanted to try it out with my dad!! I realized I loved it because we got to play family!! My dad and I pretended to be a baby and a mom and we go around our house for our morning routine!! I had to feed him cereal, get him dressed, play with his siblings, and get ready for daycare!! He was being difficult though! He would only eat cereal if it was in his favorite bowl, then he would only get dressed in his favorite clothes, then he tried to get in my makeup and give himself a makeover!! He was being crazy!! We finally got him to daycare and he had such a fun time playing with his friends and pet hamsters!! After daycare, I took him and his sister to the beach where we could swim, drink lemonade, and relax!! We even saw a shark and mermaid!! After the beach, we headed to the store so I could buy some groceries!! We got ALL the food there!! It was so fun!! When it was time to go home we ordered a taxi and a police car to take us home so we could go home and get ready for bed!! I loved playing this new game with my dad!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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