The Legend Of Zelda Is The World's Most Tragic Video Game Series

Skyward Sword HD reminds us that Hyrule is in an endless cycle of apocalyptic devastation, and you play the unlucky child reincarnated forever to fight an evil pig monster.

The story of every game of The Legend of Zelda is pretty much the same: Evil monster king tries to claim a godlike wish-granting artifact, the Triforce, in order to dominate the world, and a sword-wielding fairy child and magical princess team up to stop him. There are 27 Zelda games at this point, and the vast majority are remixes of that basic idea in some form or another. And for years, that’s all it seemed like the Zelda games were: different takes on the same idea, the same game revisited with interesting tweaks along the way.

With the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, though, Nintendo did a lot to recontextualize the Zelda series. Chronologically, the game is the “first” Zelda title–it marks the beginning of the series, the very first time a monster king was defeated by a sword kid and a magic princess. Casual Zelda fans might not have really thought about it, but that creates some pretty huge implications for the world the Zelda games take place in. It means that each of the adventures in the Zelda series aren’t just different takes on the same apocalyptic monster-king war: They’re all separate, uniquely horrific apocalyptic monster-king wars.

If you’d like to read the full article by Phil Hornshaw you can check it out over on GameSpot:

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  1. Confusion amongst fans in general, this video got it wrong, as a nerdy Zelda fan I gotta point it out:
    Link is reincarnating ok? It has nothing to do with his bloodline, his spirit just re-incarnates every time Ganon shows up…..(even though there has been more than one spirit, like 2 spirits I believe)
    Zelda is a bloodline and descendent of the ancient goddess Hylia, she does not reincarnate.
    Glad we got that cleared up….

  2. Dear Nintendo do not under any circumstances listen to what this guy says. Keep the series going as is. The series is about the never ending battle between good and evil, simple as. An evil force appears and the forces of good beat it back. Just like it is in our own world. Just because this beta thinks that's horrific and wrong its not. There's honour to be had in knowing that you are the ones who will protect your country and keep it safe. Zelda and Link are heroic characters who take it upon themselves to protect their lands at all costs. Its something to marvel at, not pity. Also living a simple life like the people of hyrule do isn't tragic, its actually quiet nice. Just because this hipster can't imagine living a life without modern luxuries and being happy doesn't mean the rest of us can't. Don't change a thing. Zelda is fine as is. Its not a story of two people trapped on an endless never ending cycle, its a story about the forces of evil rising only to be beaten by the Goddess's reincarnation along with her chosen hero. Its a story of good triumphing over evil with characters who are brave enough and strong enough to bear the responsibility of the world on their shoulders and persevere no matter what that evil throws at them. The person in this video has no idea what their talking about and has completely missed the point of the series because of their own sad pathetic nihilistic world view. A game jurno being completely out of touch with the games they talk about, a tale as old as the legends in Zelda

  3. To be reborn eternally in a constant struggle against evil but with a beautiful princess that loves you.
    To be forever alone with no one to love, poor and spending time watching youtube videos and derive happiness from trolling.
    Which one is a better choice?

  4. I feel like majoras mask was a good one too, off topic but one of the things i like about breath of the wild with link and zeldas relationship as link being her guard isnt just always serious, for example in the memory at the tree when she was talking about the silent princess flower and then instead of ignoring her and just watching around as his only job is to guard her, he went on his knees and hands and wend over to look at it over her shoulder showing interest in what shes interested in, and in the last memory when she fell crying, as a guard normally theyd grab her arm and pick her back up and tell them to keep running, instead he kneeled down and listened to her and let her cry on him

  5. This is kind true but not every generation of Zelda and link fight Gannon or monsters e.g. Zelda's Mum in BOTW never had a war to fight or had to use her powers she just had to be a good queen

  6. Oot link dealing with princess ruto in jabu belly & saving her caused future links to become attractive to zoras tied to royalty, though so far theres only mipha we've seen

  7. Honestly even though it’d never happen and this comment is meaningless, I’d like to see more of botw link. I know we’ll see him in botw 2, but in the game after that it’d be cool if we played as an old link. Maybe he can become young again from some experiment like what purah tried to do.

  8. The game itself is a masterpiece, and so we pay attention to the story…oh God, what a game.
    It really is one of the best game series of all time.

    "Save the Princess" stereotype was never present in the plot of the series, and unfortunately people who have never played it still think so.

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