T1 vs NS Highlights Game 1 LCK Summer Season 2021 W3D2 T1 vs Nongshim RedForce by Onivia

T1 vs NS Highlights Game 1 LCK Summer Season 2021 W3D2 T1 vs Nongshim RedForce by Onivia
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  1. Genuinely feel bad for anyone who watched this garbage live lmao so many barons and elders taken just for the teams to be so scared to be proactive.

  2. Not sure where to comment this but thank you so much and great work on the highlights 🙂 Love that the intro hasn’t changed – still got Samsung and Origen.

  3. I just copy another youtuber comment
    "T1 doesnt care about improving their players all they care about is money. Fucking cut down stream times and cancel all this locker room shit and let the players focus on their game. T1 makes their players give fans false hope in an event it never backfires. These players were at their primes before they were forced into idol-hood. Bottom line, Comcast will run this prestiged organisation into the fucking ground. I always held out hope no matter the event these players will atleast make it 4th seed but even if they do, they will get rolled over by minor regions. These talented players and coaches upon leaving T1 will actually win worlds"

  4. I don't understand why is there so many humans that are so mad/toxic about Faker and T1 at general. Lol is a team based game where do you have 5 players ( humans ) that are playing as team. It does't matter how good you are at SOLO q this is very different style of game. If you want to win, mostly you have to play with your team but here goes a problem. You have a 5 players that have ' different ' views on game/game plans. So let's imagine a situation. You want a all in but your team mate does't. You will all in but he's ' not sure ' about that. That ' not sure about that ' creates a window when everything can go wrong. But it is what it is. You can clearly see that there's alot of miss comunication. Players ' ego ' is a thing. ' I think this play is good/or not ' and here we are. If i remeber corectly on NS side Peanut and only peanut was only one who calmed/cheered his team mates like a leader but for T1 i got feeling that there's 5 very talented players but they are mostly playing for themself. That's just my opinion about that. Let's move on Draft ' problems '. I don't understand why are you picking what you are picking. Let's say you know that you are going to pick an Azir but what happens if there's not anyone whom can suck up a enemy team damage? Azirs R is not amazing at all if enemy team ain't low or if you don't catch a solo enemy player as Faker did vs Varus ( Bro game 1 ). Let's say that you ' know ' that you are going to pick a Azir. So, let's idea about draft. Pick a Ornn, Canna is very good with tanks and here we go, a champ that can soak up very good a damage and can provide alot of support or Maokai/Malp etc. better than Lucian. Let's move into jungle Gragas is fine for me. Azir fine by me and now a bot. I don't understand a senna pick at all. Why not to go something like sivir, kaisa, jinx, or hell even ashe. Now about support. Sett is fine too but why not pick a yuumi/soraka/taric etc. when you have a ornn on team with azir? Azir will burts you ass down like nothing when is able to do so. This is just my opinions so i'm opened for a chat. Btw. this is not a SKT T1 org. anymore. This is ' new ' org. called T1. Please, don't be so rude on Faker or any other T1/lck player/team. Opinions are one thing, being rude is something else. Maybe, you don't think that this ' toxicity ' is not affecting anyone but trust me, it hurts when you see this. You ' can ' trashtalking'em when you reach their level but i know for 100 % of these people they are not even able to reach chall. on their main region.

  5. Can anyone explain why this dudes face is just randomly in the corner going :O 😐 :O. is it required to be considered a "reaction" video and not get copyright struck? i'm so confused what it adds to the video

  6. sorry but T1 coaching and drafting is just garbage. Renekton mid on Faker, Teddy on Senna is just waste of time at this point and then mistakes all over the place all series. No doubt the team switching will start now and it will look like Spring all over again

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