Sony's Cross Gen Pricing Gets Worse And BIG Game Reveals Set For This Month | News Wave

Sony announced their cross gen plans for Horizon Forbidden West pricing that somehow gets worse than paying the difference for the update. Over the next two weeks we have some big events announced with a bunch of big games set for reveal.

Video Games on sale:

Sakuna of Rice and Ruin:
Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2:
NEO The World Ends With You:
Last of Us Part II:
Saints Row The Third:
Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut:
Mario Odyssey:
Ace Combat 7:
Monster Hunter Rise:

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00:00 – Start

00:45 – Big Brain Academy For Switch

1:47 – Final Fantasy Games Coming To PS Now

3:09 – FF XIII On PC Game Pass Is Different From Steam

4:31 – Horizon Forbidden West Pricing Details

10:03 – PlayStation Event Set For Next Week

13:22 – THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Stream

16:44 – Poll

17:21 – Comment Of The Day

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32 bình luận trong “Sony's Cross Gen Pricing Gets Worse And BIG Game Reveals Set For This Month | News Wave

  1. I feel like the pricing and storage issues with this generation should help make physical copies popular again. They usually drop in price much quicker than digital and it's quicker to reinstall if you need to delete it for space.

  2. TThe lack of a disc unfortunately MAKES SENSE. Think of all the digital only idiots that bough t the digital version, they cannot use a disc but maybe want the colexctor's set too. What a great excuse Sony can use for putting out this TRASH.

  3. I may sound old. But those were the days when the only worry you had about what version of a game you bought was determined by the system you play on. And all the extra trinkets were just merchandise sold separately.

  4. Jim Ryan is about to put the last nail in Playstations coffin, i don't understand how he still has a job there. He doesn't understand the audience, he doesn't understand the technology, he doesn't know anything about video games, he's an old man totally disconnected from the context of his job.

  5. VII: Fantastic. VIII: General improvement, but 'Draw' is sucks. IX: So good. So long. So minigames. SO good. X/X-2: Japan's fave, and what a story. I still dig the graphics/world/summon and battle system. Good luck w/ the plat, though. X was the hardest/longest plat ever, and X-2 is no joke (sometimes grueling but it grows on u). XI: is not here. Still. /shrug :(. XII: Basically FFXI, but offline w/ programmable party members and a different art style. I put over 300 hours into my first playthrough. It is glorious.

    Also: [email protected] dual entitlement, a great term to use to belittle your consumers

  6. This is literally Sony figured out PS5 owners are using the backdoor to get games cheaper by getting the PS4 version and then upgrading instead of buying the PS5 version. This is 100% why the upgrade option is gone now. Unfortunately it's a bigger loss for PS4 users who have to decide if they want to upgrade in the future and pay more for it.

  7. I don't think resales is even an option now. Because if you sell it for like 800 dollar's, with ebay fees and delivery and tax and all that crap you can only make like 200 dollar's profit. So is it even worth it?

  8. I'm over Nintendo advertising it's kiddy games with adults playing it. No adult that's actually gone past puberty (thus excluding adult Nintendo fanboys) would play that shit.

  9. Yo man can you cover the retro-bit hdmi adapter for GameCube? I appreciate content regarding general gaming rather than just updates in the gaming world honestly

  10. Needed newer calculator for school I just bought a casio fx-CG50 for like $90 at target. i was browsing some programs for it……… and i found Doom. Its in its early stages but its there.

  11. What I want to know is if I already bought the collectors edition for Horizon can I redeem the DLC outfits from that on a physical copy? I would prefer to have a physical disc, so I guess I'm just going to have to try and see if it works provided they give you a code for the outfits.

  12. Sony course corrected to have more PS4 titles instead of doing a clean break. Not sure if it was due to Microsoft or just the chip shortage delaying ps5’s from getting out there. I think it was a mistake and they are half doing it. Should be full on like Microsoft or not do cross gen at all. Every time they have an exclusive released they get bad fan reaction and bad press for not being consumer friendly.

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