Sony Playstation 5 game console (Dev Kit)

This is a Non-Commercial video. The device you are watching is the PS5 developer version.
The original image was recently discovered by us and was found in a patent application from Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan.

05-06-2020 – Sony PS5 Cooling system details

Snoreyn (Giuseppe Spinelli) – PS5 Dev Kit (Must see!)


19 NOV 2019 – Sony Interactive Entertainment confirms PlayStation 5 memory cartridge

21 OCT 2019 – First picture of the PS5 Prototype and updated renders

14 OCT 2019 – Sony PlayStation AR wireless headset met 3×2 stereoscopic cameras

10 OCT 2019 – Sony Playstation 5 game console story line

9 OCT 2019 – PlayStation 5 pre-order

9 OCT 2019 – Sony PlayStation VR 2

9 OCT 2019 – Sony Playstation 5 available before Christmas 2020

8 OCT 2019 – Sony PS5 Updated renders

23 AUG 2019 – Sony PS5 Dev Kit

20 AUG 2019 – Sony PlayStation patent unveiled

Music by: HeatleyBros (8-Bit Ending game)

Thank you very much for letting us use this retro game tune.

Special thanks to all those who contributed to this project.
Including all publishers around the world that have embraced our work.

LetsGoDigital is driven by passion and brought on stage by you.
Thank you very much!

With special thanks to the Dutch Game Museum
Zwolle, The Netherlands


  1. Our partner, the Italian graphic designer Giuseppe Spinelli, better known online as Snoreyn, has made a state-of-the-art video animation of this device.

  2. Se ve mejor un Atari 2600! Jajajaja es más la música del video seguro que es la de los juegos del mismo que seguramente vienen en casetes jajajajjajja horrible esa mierda

  3. This is clearly some low levelled 3D modeller who took this opportunity to practice his terrible skills and use the ability to ride the 'prototype' gravy train to get you all to see it. This is clearly fake and Sony would never ok anything like this, its horrific. Look at the PS3 and now PS4 their console gets slimmer, slicker and more modern. This looks like an infected N64 console on steroids.

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