If you guys know one thing it’s that I love a good and creative Sonic.exe game. Sonic.exe One More Time definitely delivers! It’s following the same old concept of the original game but puts a lot of effort in original and creepy sprite work and animations as well as other cool nifty details that make this game stand out. Is better than PC Port? That’s up to debate. But I enjoyed this new Sonic.exe horror Game a lot!
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Luigikid Gaming is an Austrian Let’s Player that is best known for his hilarious .exe game videos such as Sonic.exe and his LUIGIKID REACTS Series. Furthermore, many of his Let’s Plays are on games that are related to Nintendo, Five Nights at Freddy’s and Undertale as well as random scary horror games. Subscribe today to become part of the Plumberhood!


  1. This fan-game looks PHENOMENAL… But man, the grammar and spelling mistakes pull me out of the immersion just the slightest bit, and that's a rather common complaint I have with these games.
    Regardless, the work put into this game is simply fantastic, and I would say that it is on par with the PC Port. I still think the PC Port will ultimately be a bit better than this is once it's finished, but I absolutely cannot wait to see what comes next from this developer!

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