So, I tried the new My Hero Academia game…

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero recently came out in the west. The My Hero mobile game is so much fun, but there are certain things that I just can’t get past. The amount of content in this My Hero Academia game is insane, the systems are awesome, the characters are too, but when games don’t wanna be played, sometimes you just have to move on.




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  1. This makes me so sad how a game with looks really fun has turned in to a system to make the most profit if they sell this game for a set price no one would complain but sadly that doesn't even earn close to the amount of microtansactions

  2. 2021 mobile game without QoL Auto-Collect rewards? Important Story Quests using stamina? What the hell is this?
    Truly Genshin Impact has just spoiled us too much with all the good in that game. But then again, it's a new global release and it's a common occurence within the gacha scene where the first few months will have problems and then fix it little by little so that players have something to look forward too.

    You don't have to read whatever's down below as this is just me comparing most games i've played to this game based on this review alone.

    I've played a bunch, I got Fire Emblem Heroes, Dragalia Lost, Genshin Impact, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak as the games i've played often (well, i kinda quit Dragalia Lost because i couldn't stand the insane endgame weapon grind.)
    I've never spent money in any of the games, a lowly F2P you could call me.

    I played FEH during the start of book 3 (2nd Anniversary), a lot of things have changed during the 2 years of me playing the game, FEH Pass is a meh thing ofc and it's pretty controversial. But the new spark system, the Celestial Orbs, free Forma Souls, Trait Fruits, they're massive improvements compared to the first years, the game is a lot more generous with F2P orbs too in which you could do 1 spark a month (40 pulls, 8 full pulls, 20×8 = 160 orbs, not counting free tickets obtained from an event associated with the banner which gives a 5 orb discount on your full pulls) Sure the powercreep is bad but at least the game is pretty accessible if you manage your resources. (Just give us merges for the starter 3 characters pls IS and Nintendo pls i want to +10/+15 my girl Anna for that calculated 52 SPD)

    Dragalia Lost is the most generous gacha game i've played and it's thanks to Cygames. The trade-off is just, it's way too grindy. Game is way too generous with resources, like level up materials, upgrade materials, stamina recovery items (i have hundreds of them already just from playing for 2 weeks in my experience.) Character buffs for the common 3-4* is also really helpful (To the point that your main character, Euden is perfectly viable to clearing endgame content.) But even then, you'll just spend HOURS upon HOURS just playing the same boss-fight over and over again during your endgame for this better weapon and that better weapon and this better buff and that better buff. Gameplay's fun though, co-op is also fun, but it's just not my type of game of just sitting there in 5 hour sessions just doing the same High Midgardsormr Master Boss fight or that newest Agito boss they just released with my friends or randoms. Xiao Lei is best waifu, nuker and DPS for me (because i play her and invested in her a lot and yes i have way better Light mages but i like Xiao Lei more heh).

    I don't need to explain Genshin because it's basically this big popular game atm and it's really accessible to EVERYONE to just pick up and play.

    Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, just good game overall. Play events and you're guaranteed to get the newest character available at lv3. Play Trophy Race (a ranked match system) often and you'll get resources to upgrade characters without even bothering about the gacha system. Play Breakout (basically a marathon longplay) to get the Legendary characters which you'll probably need because they're just all good. The game gives you a lot of stuff for free, and the weekly rewards guarantees you that you'll at least have enough currency to do gacha or some upgrades everytime. But it's like Dragalia Lost, it's GRINDY. Most characters have this upgrade system called Magic Candies that you can upgrade to Lv5, it gives the character a new skill and power to boost your score and you gotta grind for the materials to craft it (or you can spend crystals to buy some of it) and even worse, upgrading these magic candies have a chance to fail, which will just burn your resources (Except legendary characters, those are REALLY HARD to get but they can't fail). But aside of that, overall it's a good game with just way too much to do weekly (like you'll get overwhelmed by the game.) And the gameplay loop is nice everytime. Lv57 with a few Maxed Epics btw, all the Rare cookies are maxed on my end.

    TLDR: I think it's better to wait until this game got a few more updates and tweaks before you play it. Give it more time to develop further and then decide if it's worth it or not. Just don't go P2W whenever you saw the option to throw money in it, just wait for it.

  3. When you get to peacekeeping chapter 8, it's too fucking hard. You cant spend any hero coins for summon tickets since they dont guarantee shit. Also you HAVE to play further to upgrade your characters even though they arent strong enough to beat said peacekeeping mission

  4. I agree completely. Was trying to get the free Aizawa but the stamina is way to low and I can’t keep up the grind to get him. There’s even a point during the last push for lvl 80 where they tell you to rank up 2 levels instead of 1 and I thought it was really scummy. Good game but it pushes way too hard for money.

  5. No just no!! The pvp real time arena is horrible! It’s bad! Shouldn’t have a 120 coin weekly reward on it! It’s bad!!! I don’t want to die over and over because of lag when I clearly made the right play. Other than that they need more stamina and a way to change the floors that gives gear so you can farm with all characters instead of hitting the bp wall and then your gear farming has stopped completely

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