San Jose State vs #15 USC Football Game Highlights 9 4 2021

San Jose State vs #15 USC Football Game Highlights 9 4 2021
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  1. Unfortunately looks like the same offensively line problems as last year. This is why I will NEVER understand why being the ONLY power 5 head coach this year to use a very valuable first scrimmage playing your back ups most of the scrimmage day. You have so much to improve on. This is not USC Football

  2. Fr if there is a great NFL comparison for Kedon slovis it's definitely Case Keenum. I know keenum is shorter than slovis but his arm talent is roughly the same. Not a great arm but USC quarterbacks are always overhyped going into every draft

  3. Love my Trojans. But THIS, is not USC Football. This is CSU Football. USC is too premier of a program to stay this "meh" year after year. USC is clearly not as committed to its FB program as it traditionally has been. At least not at the administrative level and I'm talking all the way to the top, not just Athletics Administration. The entire University Administration. When you have YET to nab an elite, premiere CFB Coach with a championship pedigree, you clearly "don't want it anymore." You think Alabama gives a chit about an "SEC Title?" You think Ohio State gives a chit about a "Big 10 Title?" (Beating Michigan is beside the point)…Clemson, "ACC title?" NO. That's a consolation prize to them. USC is a historically elite program. For a program like that to settle for Conference Chips is glorified mediocrity. And that's what I saw in this game and with this program. I'd say USC looks pretty good if they were Oregon State. But We Are SC!!! And We are PHUCKED if you consider what this program should be shooting for year after year.

  4. #15? Nah. The offense was not good. It’s San Jose St! 2 tds. Helton will lose this job by the end of the year. Should’ve before this, we are average for how good we can be talent wise.

  5. There's good & bad. Drake London had a monster game with 13 receptions for 144 yds. But 0 TDs. Slovis was decent with 25/36,263 yds. 2 TDs,0 int. But most were short passes,I would like to see some long bombs in there(as you would in an 'Air Raid' offense). Keontay Ingram looked good in his first game as a Trojan with 15 carries 88 yds rushing & Vavae Malepeai looks better than ever, But 0 Rushing TDs. for USC's Offense. The secondary had 2 int. Including a pick-6, held the Spartans to 0 passing TDs but allowed 300+ yds through the air. The Defense also had Zero Sacks… that's very disappointing. Good win Trojans, good luck against Stanford next week!! ✌Fight On✌

  6. Great Win for the Trojans! It has been extremely painful over the past years watching them not running the ball. I hope they mix it up more this season. Slovis does not need to be throwing the ball 50+ times a game. Run the ball as well which they did today and looked good doing it!

  7. Is Stanford (who is next on the schedule) that got beaten by Kansas St. 24-7, really that bad this year? I hate it when Pac-12 teams lose to non-conference opponents… makes our conference looks weak!

  8. SC looked horrible if it wasn't for that pick 6 this would have been a dog fight. Clay needs to go, SC will be mediocre at best with him at the helm. Oregon will own this conference yet again.

  9. Took a lot of small steps in the right direction. Quarterback pressure needs to be a lot better. Red zone efficiency needs to be a lot better. Running game a lot better blocking a lot better tackling a lot better. I got to give them an B+ for effort but we got a lot of work to do. I was looking around the league and scores we didn’t do bad compared to a lot of the teams.
    Went the game today it was awesome. Fight on!!!

  10. Man if SC don't work on there defense and offense it going to be a long year period. No pressure on the qb at all and they have good players to put pressure. And they need to establish the run game more and stop with this air raid shit.

  11. Yes, the win counts but c’mon man. Same thing different year. Poor tackling on defense, players out of position on offense. Play calling is no better than previous years. Fire the entire coaching staff. SC is not an elite school anymore

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