Royals vs. Mariners Game Highlights (8/27/21) | MLB Highlights

Royals vs. Mariners full game highlights from 8/27/21, presented by @Mattress Firm

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  1. There is a decidedly mundane manner in which management calls plays during a game. I for the life of me do not understand why, when the M's have a nice lead and Perez is up with the bases loaded, he isn't walked. The guy is a monster hitter and you protect the lead. It's happened 3 games in a row now and you'd think management has learned but no. Management doesn't do unexpected hit and run at any point in a game either. They certainly do not bunt early with the bases loaded and nobody out to shake up the opposition and make them worry about defending. No unexpected moves means the M's are predictable

  2. If Ohtani and Guerrero weren't having such monster years, Salvy would be in the discussion for AL MVP. A gold glove catcher throwing out 41% of runners, on pace to hit 40+ homers, drive in well over 100 runs and still hitting .275? Unreal year…..

  3. Bubic has gotta find the strike zone more…walking runs in is ridiculous. He has decent enough stuff to be a solid guy in the rotation next year, but high walk rate=high pitch count=fewer innings=more work for the bullpen. They should go ahead and start building Salvy’s statue now.

  4. Why you don't walk Perez in the 5th and just take the 1-walk-in in the face to hold the lead rather than give the man with 35 HRs a chance for another slam in as many nights is beyond me.

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