Reds vs. Cubs Game Highlights (7/29/21) | MLB Highlights

Reds vs. Cubs full game highlights from 7/29/21

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  1. I just want to say this every time announcer predicts or says that no that picture is got a real good ERA he doesn't ever walk anybody he doesn't ever do that right after he jinxes our picture our picture gets hit damn announcers are jinx they're a jinx it's going to shut up

  2. When this Reds team gets Castellanos,Senzel and Moustakas back the offense is really going to take off! The Reds have hitters up and down their entire lineup. The veterans can beat you,or the rookies can beat you! Let's just say the Reds are loaded!!

  3. You can really tell the difference between the dugout cams at Wrigley compared to other places. They seem to have those dugout ultra 4k cameras they only used in the super bowl or world series. Can only imagine how much they paid to get those. Still diehard reds fan, but props to Wrigley.

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