Pirates vs. Reds Game Highlights (4/6/21) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Reds full game highlights from 4/6/21

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  1. As a cardinals fan Reds give everyone in the division a favor do not I mean do not let cubs get red hot sweep them and keep them cold that’s the only way to keep first place but eventually it won’t be the same once cardinals get red hot there season is off to a slow start we are waiting for you brewers bring it on

  2. Been waiting since 1990 for the reds to be good again , about time they have multi talent instead of just votto, I grew up n Williams az with billy hatcher who played on the 90 team , unsung hero , didn't get the attention he deserved , had thys like Barry sanders , could've played pro football , even basketball , in school he could dunk , at 5'7 tall

  3. Whenever the Pirates play other teams it’s like when a division 1 AA team goes up against top 25 NCAAF teams, maybe once every few dozen times they’ll win but most of the time the games end up like this.

    “Most lopsided victory for Cincinnati over Pittsburgh in over a quarter century”. Something tells me victories that are even more lopsided are soon on their way.

  4. MLB is a racist organization. Their All-Star Game will be played in Colorado, a state that requires their voters provide proper identification in order to vote. African-Americans are incapable of obtaining an ID therefore Colorado supports Jim Crow voter suppression laws.
    BOYCOTT MLB if you disagree with racism!!

  5. Every time you think the Pirates can’t get worse, they get worse. I have not hated a Pirates team like this since 2010. Absolute disgrace to the city of Pittsburgh. Nutting is the worst owner is all of sports and it’s all on him. Clemente and Stargell are looking down on them with shame.

  6. Fun Fact: The Reds set a new franchise record for runs scored in their first five games of the season with 44. The previous record was 42 set first by the 1895 Red Stockings and later tied by the Big Red Machine in 1976. If that says anything about this team right now, it is a very good sign.

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