Pat McAfee Reacts: LeBron Walks Off Court With 5 Minutes Left In Playoff Game

There are a ton of theories as to why Lebron would have left the game early

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31 bình luận trong “Pat McAfee Reacts: LeBron Walks Off Court With 5 Minutes Left In Playoff Game

  1. Lebron has always been a quitter…… This is nothing new….. The dude will never be the goat, no matter how much he calls himself it…… I told y'all months ago they would get booted in the first round….

  2. I have been told from a reliable source that the reason LeBron had to leave the court is because he started his period, and did not have any tampons with him. He was also cramping pretty bad, that's why he couldn't return. So don't be mean, guys.

  3. “That one right there made me the greatest player of all time.” -LBJ

    “When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell YOU.” -Walter Payton

    And there you have it…

  4. I see a lot "sport's" fan comment what are you have you been watching after all this time….that moov is pure leadership ppl talk about kobe or jordan never do that blabla but each situation have different adjustments at the moments… Switch sneakers with that guy left on the court ??‍♂️ the HAVE TO MAN UP now because everyone see the supporting cast is too weak and good leader make strong and risky moves when situations call for it ?? (if he failed on this one holly Molly can't imagine skip ?)

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