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Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) episode 195: Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures. Also known in Japan as “Hello! Pac-Man.” Pac-Man 2 is a side-scrolling adventure game in the Pac-Man series. Instead of being a maze game like the majority of its predecessors, Pac-Man 2 incorporates light point-and-click adventure game elements. The Nerd is playing the Sega Genesis version. He joins Pac-Man exploring and interacting with the world and characters around him. Take on a task, and then take a wild ride on a mine cart or set off on an intense hand-glider flight while fending off some unrestful ghosts. This game was coined “the first ever interactive cartoon” by the game’s manual.

AVGN Theme “Ska version” by The Casual Friday’s

Cinemassacre Crew:
James Rolfe
Justin Silverman:

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  1. Years go by but Avgn is still as classic as it is fresh. Every month I look forward to a new chapter to enjoy it from my sofa with the same desire as a decade ago. Thank you James for such an immense contribution to the community of video game elders.

  2. I always misread the Pokemon mini-cabinet seated behind you as "Pokemon" and get really excited for a half second, thinking you ahve some novelty cabinet form of Pokemon gen 1 or 2. :X

  3. Was watching an old video of james n mike mondays and they wonder why b is before a on the nintendo controller I would say it's cuz its originally a Japanese product and dont they read left to right

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