Night Driver – Arcade – Original 1st Person Driving Game (Atari 1976)

Night Driver – arcade. The original 1st person driving game. Even if the game visuals are incredibly sparse, the gameplay action still puts right in the middle of the thrills of racing.

Go screeching into the history of Atari, at The Dot Eaters:

History of Video Games 101

Watch Buck have a bad day in the arcade laserdisc game Badlands (Konami 1984)”


William Hunter

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  1. Can't even remember how high a top speed I used to achieve with the arcade version. IIRC, it topped out at 999? Anyway, I used to be able to rip this thing to shreds; once you got up to speed and got the rhythm it was magic.

  2. The arcade version of this game is the fastest video game I have ever seen or played. I got up to 555 miles per hour once. After reaching 400 mph, the screen became a blur, and I had to just steer from muscle memory. I could only play for about 10 minutes at a time, as I was completely exhausted after that. All other games seem slow in comparison.

  3. Did you know that a youtuber by the name of irategamer stole your footage and is now making money of it.

    Heres the video and time where it appears: watch?v=XgzJWYNtVJY 10:34

  4. first video game I have ever played. at an Arcade, must have been Summer of 1983, I was 5. now I´m a collector and.. one shouldn´t talk of oneself as a hc gamer, should one?

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