NHL Game Highlights | Lightning vs. Islanders, Game 6 – Jun. 23, 2021

The Islanders tied the game in the third and Anthony Beauvillier scored in OT as New York forced a Game 7 against the Tampa Bay Lightning with a 3-2 win.



  1. Game 7 coming up despite Varlamov's ''inner Brodeur'' has seem to have been escaped him. He's gonna have to get that back somehow Friday night.

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  3. Leonid ''me cant score goals'' Komarov, can you STOP being a FOOKIN' OUTLIER of Isle's, yo?!… Come ON now, ya moron!

  4. Even when the league gives your team a break and doesn't suspend a dirty player because he's your best and the series would have been over, you still have to take the other teams star out with another dirty play to have a chance. The Bolts should never have given up like they did in this game, especially after the Kucherov injury.

  5. So when did the pandemic end? Thousands of people in the stands, many unmasked, screaming and yelling when there is a virus that transmits in the air, and with less than half of the population fully vaccinated. And the new, much more infectious Delta covid variant is becoming the dominant strain, one that can break through the immune system of even fully vaccinated people?

    I have been a fan of the Islanders since the '80s but this size of a crowd just because it's the playoffs is insane. This is how you get resurgences in a pandemic. Wasn't anyone paying attention to what happened in India when they prematurely decided the pandemic was over?

  6. Love It! Such a great playoffs … the 2 underdogs fighting back & almost beating the juggernauts. While Vegas/TB would be a good finals… it's hard to argue against NYI/MTL. Hopefully at least 1 of em makes it through so there's still an underdog to root for.

  7. Islanders and Canadiens haven’t won a cup in decades! I think it’ll be the best matchups in the finals. I hope it’ll happen! If so, then my prediction is Canadiens in 7!

  8. Островяне показали всю грязь, тампа погрязла в болоте, результат соответствующий. Судейство помалкивает 🤔

  9. so…. nothing for mayfield? crosschecks kucherov right in the ribs, (directly in front of chris lee) and throws stamkos' face into the boards, and not a single call for him?

  10. Vassilevsky is the best goalie of our time.
    And i'm saying that as an oiler's fan, who is into older dudes (Mike Smith glorious season). Sorry Perry 🙂

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