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  1. The company that developed the two games, actually confirmed that there is "a Marvel gaming verse" well something along those lines but didn't really elaborate on it. Which means there could be a cross over! especially with a possible "Spider-man 2" game on the way and the marvel tower in the "Spider-man PS4" game only adds to the "hype". It is possible we could see a cross over in the near future… possibly a "Spidy verse" which involves this "Spider-man PS4" timeline with the "Avengers" one. Only time will tell.

    Also its hard to see a PS4 exclusive mixed in with a game for all plat forms, it could be the same universe, Also you have to think about Miles (Morales) in this situation… could Peter Parker die in the new "spider-man 2" game? again only time will tell.

    Thank you for reading

    -Juul cat

  2. Things I need

    Maybe playable villains

    Venom boss fight

    Galactus boss fight

    Different suit abilities
    say if hulk had the Ragnarok skin and you could use the hammers and it had different skills for it

    not gonna rant about open world because they said they would make not to small open world AREAS

  3. Things i want for this game: split screen, free roam, lots of maps, extra characters to be added, spiderman ps4 dlc, online multiplayer, be able to destroy buildings etc, swim underwater and just swim, multiple missions for each specific character, have references to things, be able to transform characters like hulk into bruce banner etc, hulk to be able to have a enjoyable experience to play as especially free roaming, and also others to have a enjoyable playing experience. I might have more but for now heres this.

  4. They better have like all versions like Cap with mojinor or all of Tony’s suits a bit like Lego marvel superheroes but in real and you can destroy stuff?

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