My NINTENDO HANDHELDS Collection! (Game Boy, GBA, DS, 3DS, Switch & More)

Here is my entire Nintendo handheld collection. I have Game Boys, Gameboy Colors, SP, GBA, DS, 3DS, 2DS, Switch and More!


Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch

Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance SP

Nintendo DS
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo 2DS
New Nintendo 3DS
New Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Lite

My Video Gear & Equipment:
Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder :
Rode Shotgun microphone :
Audio Technica AT4033/CL (voice overs) :
STUDIO LIGHTS: Aputure Light Storm LS 1C
Headphones: Meze 99 Classics:

Computer: Apple iMac 27″ w/ Final Cut Pro X :
Elgato HD Game capture devices :

Background music by Metal Jesus Rocks and the YouTube Creator Audio Library


  1. I have a grey back lit GBA SP. Back lit ones weren't released in the UK so I had to import one from America.

    I also have a black DS Lite that was given to me, and a gorgeous looking burgundy 3DS that yet again I imported from America, as there was a game that I wanted to play on it which only saw a physical release in America and Japan (Crash City Mayhem which is a Runabout game).

    Since the shell for my GBA SP is a little worn looking, I thought it would be cool to put the internals into a clear coloured shell, but I'm finding it hard to make up my mind on what colour to get, and I'm worried about wrecking any of the internals in the process.

  2. I have the Mario Game and Watch, an original clear purple GBA, the GBA SP in silver, a blue GBA SP 101, silver DS Lite, the Mario DSi XL, the black Mario New Nintendo 3DS, Zelda 2DS, MH 3DS XL, the Pokeball 2DS XL, the Animal Crossing Switch, and the Pokémon Switch Lite.

  3. I got nes and snes mini (hacked obvs lol) me and the mini me do a retro Sunday with them, also got a 3ds and I adore my 3ds never played a switch ever but just bought one for the mini me for birthday with a handful of games

  4. I had the OG Game Boy and after that skipped a lot of handhelds. Fell in love with the 3DS, got the Zelda Ocarina of Time edition as well as New 3DS XL Majora’s Mask edition. Those days DS games were also cheap so I picked up more DS than 3DS games. Got 52 DS and 31 3DS games now, not that much, but some great ones in there.

  5. Kids today will never know the pain of the original gameboys screen. You literally couldnt see it at times.

    I would bring it on a road trip and only be able to use it if the sun was out at high noon. Same for indoors. I would have to sit directly under a lamp to see it lol

  6. That's a cool collection. I hope you do more. Lilo and Stitch 2 on GBA is a surprise Metal Slug clone, but with cute Disney characters. Very under rated, plus Stitch RAWKS!

  7. I also have a Switch and Switch Lite… I think the Switch Lite is a good idea because let's face it, the Switch is definitely a better handheld than a home system, but it's too big and the original model (which is what I have) had too poor of battery life to be a really good handheld. So a dedicated handheld version of it that rectified those issues makes sense. Unfortunately, the Switch Lite doesn't really rectify either! It's not that much smaller, and its battery life is barely any better – IIRC, it's actually worse than the new regular version! So it really does just feel like a more limited Switch, rather than a true specialized handheld. I wish Nintendo would go back to the drawing board and release a new Switch Lite; I still want a real handheld version of the Switch.

  8. Just to put some perspective to how old that Mario 25th anniversary edition DS is, Nintendo celebrated the 35th anniversary last year. My guess is it was an employee's old DS based on where you live.

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