Minecraft – HermitCraft S7#37: Mini Game Crunch

Minecraft Server. A little late, but today we head back to the Hurtin Hermits project to add “Level 3 – Pain Labs”. I take my own poison and attempt to complete an entire run of the game. Then we check out Tango’s Minecraft Among Us game.


Note Block Music:
DKC2 – Wrinkly – School House Harmony

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HermitCraft Season 7 Seed: WLLBYUG


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  1. Hurting Hermits looks great for youtube shorts, each level a video and they don't requiere much knowledge of hermitcraft so they can seem like their own thing

  2. Hoping you bring Hurtin Hermits into season 8 so we can watch the hermits take it on. Maybe you could even collab with someone to help cut down the build time.

  3. thought the dumby test would pop an arrow behind or above u XD (and the one infront could possibly be deceptive or nawt; 2 arrows coming at the player XD)

  4. I think this was such a good series. easily my favorite on the channel. Etho thank you for sticking with it and creating such great content! Adding another level to hurtin hermits and including a game of Tango's Among Us is a great way to end the series.

  5. I would love some behind the scenes as I’ve followed your series for nearly a decade, I grew up with the mad slab behind the screen and would love to know more!

  6. you NEED to build this minigame back in the next season, start it right away, ep.01, maybe do something where you challenge your self to create a new section every 10 episode, something like that, so the minigame kinda progress in block choice, complexity, etc… the more ressources you have to build it. it would kinda be a giant momento from start to finish of your in game progression :p

  7. Thanks for the amazing season Etho! You really outdid yourself and I enjoyed every episode! I'm so excited for the world download so I can watch others try hert'n hermits!

  8. Etho’s base from this season is my favourite minecraft built of all time. This mew style of his is just something else! An absolute masterpiece. The only reason I am sad the season is ending is because we won’t get to see how far Etho and BdoubleO could take their bases.

  9. What if Etho built Hurting Hermits at the start of season 8? The design is the most difficult part so it would be like he had already done it in a creative world. Then he could actually hurt some Hermits and they could build their own levels like it was intended

  10. god I love how ive been watching etho since I was 5-6 and now im 14 almost 15 thank you etho for the weeks probably months of entertainment I wish I could do something in return but I doubt I will have the chance well thank you etho <3

  11. My base in my new wrld is completely inspired by u Etho! In an episode not too long ago u said “i usually just thunk of a random shape and build something to do with it,” i did that it its turning out pretty cool

  12. You should recreate it wholesale in Season 8. Yes, it would be somewhat repetitive, but I REALLY want to see the hermits actually play this.

  13. Watching the third person perspective of Tango stumbling through level 1 was a highlight of the season for me, so IMO it would be worth getting another hermit in for another demo, even if you have to call in some favors.

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