1. How come we never get to see the end of the quarters…..why don't they just do the highlights of each quarter????? Incredibly frustrating

  2. I haven't seen a game like this since maybe the mid 00s. This is the type of playoff game you would see from like 1996 to 2006….chippy, testy, almost street-ball like with lots of D and low scoring.

  3. this game shows how offensively oriented the nba is, despite the low score. as soon as you start playing even average defense on a lot of these players, they crumble. some of the worst shot selection i've seen in an nba game from both teams. just throwing up 3's and bricking repeatedly.

  4. looked like a RIGGED game… those last 2 shots of Nets werent just right… Irving could have taken the ball push it inside & bigger chance he'll get fouled or pass the ball at much higher % of an easy shot of whoever will take it… disappointing 🙁 anywy, still have my money on Nets @ 6..

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