Marvel's Avengers Game – Spider-Man DLC Reveal NEXT WEEK?!

Marvel’s Avengers Game – Spider Man DLC Reveal NEXT WEEK! A new roadmap for the Avengers Game is on its way very soon! Could we be getting a reveal for the Spider-Man DLC with it? I break that down and more in today’s video.

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Marvel’s Avengers combines an original story with single-player and co-operative gameplay in the definitive Avengers gaming experience. Assemble into teams of up to four players online, master extraordinary abilities, customize a growing roster of Heroes, and defend the Earth from escalating threats. Featuring regular content updates, Marvel’s Avengers will take players on an epic journey delivered over multiple years. This game is what’s next for the Avengers.

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45 bình luận trong “Marvel's Avengers Game – Spider-Man DLC Reveal NEXT WEEK?!

  1. NGL, i'd be all for it if PC and Xbox and Stadia players were to pay for spiderman access
    would shut sony up for good. i personally DC as im a pc player but im saying on behalf of all people who are whinging about the decision between Square and Sony

  2. Yo this game is going outside a year and they only released two characters because cuz Kate bishop and Hawkeye are the same person basically in Black Panther Spiderman was supposed to come out in March this is why I'm still not buying this trash can't believe I was actually excited for this game and now look at it

  3. Would be kinda cool though if they do announce SM2 and it releases early 2022. Would be smart marketing actually because when SM1 was announced everyone was going crazy and was literally bullying insomniac to show something lol and they learned from it

  4. If im gonna be quite frank I'm not really that excited for spiderman I mean he's cool and all but he's already got like 4 games and 6 movies I'm more interested with magical characters i.e heros with powers or magic ✨

  5. Ya I noticed that to. But not really so bad until I got to power level 50. Or it won't let u do the whole mission. Plus the vendor at the ant hill won't give me my rewards for the fiction. N u know on the 9th is that Sony thing. U think that might have anything to do with Spider-Man ? 😉 b Safe

  6. I don’t see how Spider-Man can be an exclusive when the game has such a small player base compared to literally any other game, I think exclusive content will just move people away from the game. I know a few people on Xbox that were so disappointed by Spider-Man being an exclusive that they just didn’t want the game.

  7. though i’m disappointed it’s exclusive to ps and i’m not a huge supporter of exclusive content in multi plat games. Exclusivity like back in the day how players on this plat would get it like a week or two early. And I think xbox/pc should make their own exclusive deal for their own character. I’m not too broken down about it, because for years there’s been alot of spiderman, and there’s so many more heroes i’m interested than just him.

  8. I’m liking the quality of your videos lately Caboose. Can’t wait for Spider-Man no matter how long it takes. Based on how amazing they created Wakanda I get hyped imagining how well they would do Asgard!

  9. I think they dont know how fix this game. One year and still soo many bugs, need to restart missions because they crashed etc. And its boring, after campaign in dlc we dont get nothing new, one Wakanda map and 0 new bosses(this game should have 15-20 bosses we can fight all the time). Thats why only few thousand people only play this game and even spider man dont gone change that…

  10. Maybe it could be Spider-Man vs the Sinister 6? That way it makes sense the Avengers are involved but it stays Spider-Man focused. This could also give us more boss fights doing it this way. If I had to pick a potential lineup I would have (Doc Ock he stole the movie trailer and could promote the movie, Venom also having his own movie come out could be cool to see Eddy Brock Venom before potentially making him Anti Venom or Agent Venom or whatever they plan on doing, Sandman gives some variation in recent versions of the group, Green Goblin Spideys most popular villain to the casual gamer/ viewer but most people who play still know who he is and he could be the leader of sorts depending on the story, Kraven feel like his fight could be pretty interesting and some fun dialogue could happen maybe if he encounters Black Panther maybe also a character who’s been highly demeaned recently from what I’ve seen, then maybe the Lizard and he could sort of be a mole possibly dealing with the conflicting personalities when he’s in his Lizard state he’s bad but human he’s good idk just some ideas I think could be interesting but there’s so many possible routes and a such a huge roster of villains they could use.)

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