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  1. Wtf. Lue has to stop letting PG13 bring the ball up he's a disaster bout to happen let Rondo or Jackson bring it up just set up and wait for them to pass you the ball and shoot fuk

  2. watching this nba games i noticed a lot of defensive mistakes by this professional players. wonder what this defensive coaches are doing. they should replay all this mistakes the players are doing, and stress that to them. no 1. defense should always place themselves between the goal and the offense, once defense gets on either side the offense gets a clear path to the goal and i see a lot of defense do this. they try to block the offense far from the goal. what they should do is wait for the offense, back up until they go for the basket. no 2 i see a lot of defense not helping. standing around while the offense is coming at them. just commenting.

  3. I had enough of pg 13 he is such a crap player in playoffs until the 3 quarter he is f……only 9 points .even Clarkson has more than him .come on man grow up. He is the superstR who kawahi brought with him. Atleast 1 game with 30+or 40+.
    Thanks rjackson was on fire tonite .

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