LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz Full GAME 4 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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I need to upgrade my PC so I can continue making highlights in the new season.

the Clippers took Game 4 to even the series against the Jazz.

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  1. My clipps are coming Los Angeles. Don’t give a fu k about the whole “ this is a Lakers town and all that bullshit. I am a clippers fan. I , me , Myself will be celebrating like a mad man if we get the chip !! Idgaf about all the hate yo!! Let’s go Clippers!!!!

  2. The crybaby nets better thank the system for turning the chip on for them player's don't complain but they know what's up like I said talent don't mean SHIT if shaq and barkley weren't scared they would talk about this be real you talk everything else

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