Kawhi Leonard Postgame Interview – Game 4 – Jazz vs Clippers | 2021 NBA Playoffs

Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Clippers – Full Game 4 Highlights | June 14, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs ?$250K DODGEBALL SHOWDOWN?


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  1. It never impresses God n the Angels & Saints in heaven if clippers continue to hurt his opponents just to win . Thats not the way kawhi n the management n coach n the whole organization of clippers . Last year you did the same but on the next playoff you lost embarrassingly . So stop hurting your opponents pauljorge beverly & morris . Clippers play with class n sportmanlike so you be bless . Stop hurting your opponent

  2. If Kawhi, wins this year's championship and with his age is still less than 30, he can definitely challenge, LeBron, for the best player post MJ, era, new conversation will kick in, Kawhi vs LeBron, forget, MJ vs LeBron.

  3. too many people don't realize, Kawhi been dealing with knee/leg problems ever since the cheap shot from the Warriors, years ago. THIS is why he has to "load manage" sometimes, because he's freaking injured for real, but he doesn't come out and whine like a bitch about it. He just tryin to heal up. Kawhi don't see 3 rims out there, but he's about to see 3 rings when he gets his 3rd championship in a bit. =)

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