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35 bình luận trong “Joel Embiid misses the game winning layup ? 76ers vs Hawks G4

  1. Please take a pillow to take that number 15 out and get Vince Carter to come back even if it's off the bench because they would not be nothing sweeter than watching them away at all against Phoenix best in seven Hawks way against Carter finishes off with a 360

  2. Ben Simmons doesn't want to be hear. I have a friend that is close to ben Simmons. I am told that the reason he doesn't give his best is because he does not want to be a sixer. He want out

  3. Shilled out the money to go to the game last night and man was it worth it. Crowd was electric. May not have been the hottest offensively, but we held them back and reclaimed the lead.

  4. Should have dunked it and Ben should have known he had plenty of time to come down with it and go back up and dunk. He rushed it because he had no idea that there was still 9.1 seconds left.

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