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  1. Dudes averaging like 2 pts a game in the BAL. Pretty sure there are better players out there and I agree with others about cole playing there. He is taking the job of someone who is more deserving and better for the team. This was all just a publicity stunt to help push the league mainstream. Unfortunately that will never happen.

  2. Love how I keep reading in the comments that, "Uh, at least he's living his dreams…" bull & sh*t, forgetting that: 1.) If he was really "living his dream" that he would stick to it longer than he had (ie. Michael Jordan playing baseball) and 2.) This dude just dropped an album, coincidentally lining up w/the start of his "pro-ball career."….I will give him props for this however: At least the publicity stunt to promote the album didn't have any negative connotations surrounding it. Tupac is a good example of how w/in days of his albums droppin he was always in the news for something destructive/negative. Kudos to Cole for keeping the "marketing campaign" positive, at least.

  3. The fact that cole did anything but set picks and get boards pisses me off. Slow footed on defense and high dribbling on offense is extremely disrespectful to the craft man. Dude better buy the team and drip em out for the rest of the season. He had the nerve to point for a screen!?!? The gall.

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