Inside the NBA Reacts to 76ers vs Hawks Game 4 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

Philadelphia 76ers vs Atlanta Hawks – Full Game 4 Highlights | June 14, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs


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  1. Ben Simmons doesn't want to be hear. I have a friend that is close to ben Simmons. I am told that the reason he doesn't give his best is because he does not want to be a sixer. He want out

  2. To the theme of Twilight Zone: a move release in 2019 in the opening on the radio, the 76'ers are in a playoff game against Atlanta. The final score 101-103, one point off. The movie is called "In The Shadow Of The Moon" WOW

  3. embiid looked horrible in the 2nd half but i honestly think it just might be a lack of chemistry for the 76rs cuz like they said the 76rs had a chance then in 2nd half blew it and the hawks came back yea it might be part of them settling for to many 3s or getting tired to fast or whatever but when you have a lead then blow it it might be them not keeping there composure or trusting one another team work and consistency has to be there all the way through or somethings going wrong

  4. Let me guess Charles & Shaq played on a torn meniscus before? Two clowns who don’t even watch the games. As Kenny stated it’s obvious Embiid wasn’t right. After a while an injury will cause you to play subpar. Barkley should know because he played with a bum elbow against Chicago in the finals & was missing shots he normally would have made. Stop with the shtick & truthfully analyze the game.

  5. I am so tired of hearing about injuries. If you play, you're healthy, PERIOD. Props to the Hawks too. Everyone thought this series would be easy for the 6ers, but Nate got them boys playing with a lot of heart and confidence.

  6. I like trae, he’s an amazing player. But come on guys he ain’t good as Luka. Dallas could of easily taken down the knicks and sixers. I don’t think the hawks would of beaten the clippers. Let alone take them to 7 games.

  7. Embid is lazy and only plays really well when his team is up by a few, when its close or theyre down he sucks it up, injured and of all the Centers who made it to this years playoffs Embid is by far one of the biggest but by far the fattest, slowest, worst footwork, and his conditioning is awful. I mean even Boban Maronovic and Alex Len run the floor better than Embid. Next up is KD who i think, arms up, is equal to Embid is length but dramatically more athletic or a slim chance that he will face Giannis who is a traditional center that will destroy Embid.

  8. If Embiid is really hurting, then Sixers are showing desperation & disregard for their franchise player. Pressuring him to play injured. With no regard & it's beginning to show. Respect to the Hawks for caring about their players.

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