Indians vs. Cardinals Game Highlights (6/9/21) | MLB Highlights

Indians vs. Cardinals full game highlights from 6/9/21

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  1. Finally..50 never gets old. Tyler's realization of a smooth swing is becoming a reality. Now, dont be trying to hit one out every a.b. .. I think he can really continue to be a catalyst if he stays hungry and mean. Great oppo Goldy..I'd of went oppo on that outside stuff 13, but luck will have 13 either way. Let's get back to winning regardless of 60% of starters missed.

  2. Tyler O'Neil well on his way to 30+ home runs this season and amazing defense every night to boot, haven't seen someone go around the bases after hitting a homerun like him since Scott Rolen. Nothing but good from Tyler O'Neil.

    Good to see Matt Carpenter ripping one down the line

    Glad to see the Cardinals win a game again.

  3. I got to give it to St Louis they played very good in this game I kind of wish the Indians would have done better now me and God both talked about this and he promised me he would help the Indians either sweep the Mariners or take two out of three games against them progressive Field is going to be at 100% capacity and a lot of Indians fans are expecting to see a show and expecting to see the Indians win this would be the perfect opportunity for the Indians to get on a big winning streak and continue to cut into the White Sox lead

  4. Show up Play have fun have some pride Cardinals did tonight very glad and I knew Carpenter had it in him even when everyone was talking about how bad he was he's that one quite guy that can do some damage at the plate with that huge bases loaded double. Good Win RedBirds please just fight the rest of the way get a few pieces in the trademarket and let's ride.

  5. Wonderful performance by Adam Wainwright today. Although he had a rocky first inning, he was dominant for the next 6 innings. Great night for the offense, too. Here's hoping we can string some wins together and take the series in Chicago. Let's go Redbirds!

  6. Tyler Two Bombs! 💣💣
    What a night for Tyler O'Neil! Guy has been crushing baseballs for days. I really hope he keeps this up for the season. He is definitely making his case for the all star game.

  7. NEVER A DOUBT !!! The St. Louis Cardinals (the GREATEST team in the league) are like THE ROCK … laying the SMACKDOWN on their opponent. Cannot wait to see my squad hoisting World Series championship number DOCE in four/five months (depending on when the playoffs start)!

    Yadier Benjamin Molina, the GREATEST player in baseball history, got the offense rolling in the bottom of the first inning on the GOOD OL' bases-loaded walk, driving in Thomas Hyunsu Edman! Then, Matthew Martin Lee Carpenter aka SALSA MAN aka CARPENTER'S CRUNCH belted a huge RBI double to right field, bringing in Nolan James Arenado, Tyler Alan O'Neill and Yadi. Carp critics need to BACK OFF !

    In the bottom of the third inning, WHOA-HO Tyler Alan O'Neill! The 25-year-old from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada sends one to BIG MAC LAND !!!!

    What a bottom of the seventh inning!! Paul Edward Goldschmidt, the 33-year-old from Wilmington, Delaware, BLASTS a ball to right field! That unquestionably went in the Mississippi River! Next, Tyler Alan O'Neill makes his case for the Silver Slugger Award with a BOMB, his 15th on the year, to center field. That landed on the Missouri-Illinois state line.

    Ladies and gentlemen, a STANDING OVATION goes to Adam Parrish Wainwright. The GREATEST pitcher in baseball history was absolutely FILTHY tonight. Shoutouts go to Génesis Cabrera and Ryan Dalton Helsley, part of the best bullpen in the league, for the JAW-DROPPING defense!

    TIME TO FLY !!

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