How to Play Supercell's NEW Clash Game! | + 100% Honest Thoughts!

New Clash Game Launch & How to Play! | KairosTime
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Clash Quest was JUST released & I’m going to talk about how you can play it, show you some gameplay, and share my 100% honest thoughts on the game so far! It’s time to Clash!

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43 bình luận trong “How to Play Supercell's NEW Clash Game! | + 100% Honest Thoughts!

  1. My two problems with the game so far are

    1. Stamina takes way to long to recharge and you also simply don't have enough stamina.

    2. The economy feels kinda unbalanced because gold is actually kinda hard to come by for how expensive upgrades are and I haven't seen gems from boxes so idk if there is even a way to get ftp gems

  2. I find it a pretty funny when people showcasing games act like having multiple things to upgrade is a cool feature. It's just another boring currency to grind until whatever you're upgrading gets to a stage of relevancy. That's one of the main things that made me fall in love with Brawl Stars was that there's only 2 progression currencies. Gold and power points. So many games have 5 different currencies that all upgrade different things and it's just so convoluted. No flame thrown at Kairos, long time fan, just something that always makes me chuckle. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is a well known saying and for good reason. I think more devs need to remember it, even mobile devs.

  3. Great reveiw Kairos! After playing for 20-30 minutes, I feel very similar to you. It has potential, but needs and unlimited game mode, and also some competitive player interaction to be playable for many years. I am looking forward to the nest update to see what they implement.

  4. I only think clash mini will survive. Clash quest seems boring and with clash heroes it seems like a good game but it looks like If you stop playing it for a bit then it will be really hard to get back into.

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