Hawks @ Bucks ECF Game 1 | NBA Playoffs on TNT Live Scoreboard

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  1. If I had to take something away I’ll take away the floaters and lobs. He would just have to kill me from three. I know he capable of doing that but it’s a low percentage shot. If he mak 10 a game all series then I’ll just shake his hand tell him good game. I’ll go under the screen ever time. Every time

  2. Middleton is still choking in the playoffs. Why the fuck did Bud give him the last shot if he couldnt even make 1 3 pt shot the whole game?

  3. For People Who Want To Know: This Is The Bucks' First Home Loss Since April 19th To The Suns & This Is Their First Home Loss Of The Playoffs!

  4. 🧊 🥶 Ice Trae Young 🥶 🧊
    Ice Tray the gang with rings 🏆

    41 min, 48pts, 17/34 FG, 10/12 FT, 5Reb, 11Ast

    Go ATL HAWKS GO! They gonna keep doubting but results only thing that matters here 😂

  5. Me when comparing Trae to Luka last year- "tRaE YoUnG CaNt EvEn MaKe ThE pLaYyOfFs" "He PuTs Up EmPty StAtS" 😭💀 what yall got to say now? 😂😂😂

  6. if you told me that the eastern conference finals was going to be the bucks vs hawks at the beginning of the season, i would've laugh at you lol

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