Game Reveals of E3 Week HYPEMETER LIVE | Summer Game Fest Reaction Stream

E3-adjacent gaming showcase Summer Game Fest begins today with a live show promising hot new game reveals. How hot? We will see. Watch the Summer Game Fest Kick Off Live stream along with Ellen, Andy, Jane and Mike for the moment-to-moment, blow-by-blow hype tracking, powered by the highly advanced Outside Xtra E3 Hypemeter(TM).

Summer Game Fest Kick Off Live begins at 7PM UK time | 11AM PT | 2PM ET.

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34 bình luận trong “Game Reveals of E3 Week HYPEMETER LIVE | Summer Game Fest Reaction Stream

  1. The OX crew were kinder on Escape from Tarkov that I expected since the Russian developers famously said they would not have female character models because women can't handle modern combat

    Russia said that

    After the women who fought in the Great Patriotic War

  2. i like how honest Mike is being. The Death Stranding hysterics are fantastic. Ellen's Canadian flag LMAO 2. Campus looks like pure mayham. vam-pire night-club ~ GJ, Hivemind! 5 hours game? Ellen isn't keen on that. A spider? Ellen is out. "Oh no, it's the fourth decade of your life!" Sonic is in Elden Ring??! FIRE FIRE FIRE Elden Ring has finally arrived! Rejoice! Awesome video 😀

  3. I legit watched this just to hear the banter, y'all delivered in spades. In any other industry i reckon mike would have gotten himself fired for this commentary rofl. ps kudos to mike being a fan of berserk 🙂 Buy the big special leather bound editions, they're beautiful!

  4. For fun, In order of show,
    Cold/Wonderland – > Cold/Metal Slug -> Cold/Death S -> Warm/JWE -> Cold/Sable
    Cold/MMO -> Cold/Warzone -> Warm/Salt -> Warm/Solar Ash -> Cold/Chivalry 2
    Cold/Escape Tarkov -> Cold/2 Point -> Cold/Smite -> Cold/Anacrusis -> Cold/New World
    Cold/Rocket L -> Warm/Blood Hunt -> Warm/HoA -> Hot/Tales -> Warm/Sky
    Warm/PoL -> Cold/Overwatch2 -> Warm/DnD -> Cold/Paladin -> Hot/MHS2
    Cold/Endless D -> Warm/Rachet -> Cold/Fall Guys -> Warm/Genshin -> Cold/Soinc
    Cold/Back4Blood -> Cold/Tunic -> Cold/Tribes -> Cold/Evil Dead -> Fire/Elden Ring

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