Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Review and Breakdown

In this video I give my opinion on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6, the finale of the show! I breakdown and review my thoughts and feelings on episode 6 and give my final thoughts on the shows conclusion. This episode focuses on the rule of Queen Daenerys Targaryen rule and how the remaining characters handle it.

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  2. What an awful review. Drogon's wings coming out of Daenarys' back was a stupid image. Daenarys' Hitlerian speech was stupid and contradicted what happened (the city "liberated" as opposed to tens of thousands of innocents being slaughtered). People spending time wandering through the rubble and dead bodies was tedious (Good writers know that you shouldn't represent long periods of time with actual long periods of time.). And those were the best parts of the episode. A few of the worst…Tyrion nominating Bran without getting Grayworm's spear jammed through his throat. Anybody accepting that Bran had a good story or that that would be reason to pick someone as king. Jon Snow being outcast to the wall when as soon as he leaves the six kingdoms he becomes King of the North and Bran has no authority over him. All the lords of the North hailing Sansa as the queen when their proclaimed king still lives. BuzzTox should watch some other reviews (I recommend Season 8 GOT Pitch Meeting) and then delete this video and try again.

    I wrote this after only watching the first couple of minutes. BuzzTox became more sensible as the video continued, but still isn't nearly critical enough.

  3. If you're mad at at or don't understand the point of Dany going full Mad Queen and Bran becoming king, then sadly, you did not get the point of what George RR Martin is doing on "A Song of Ice and Fire". D&D gave us the correct ending. They only fumbled in the execution since it was so rushed. That's all. I personally didn't think it was disastrously bad. I was satisfied. This will be the same ending in the books.

  4. Agreed. Bronn is unqualified for the job. He kills people for money. That does not make him a master mathematician or an expert at investment, buying and shares. His idea of money is: DO IT IF I FEEL LIKE IT , KILL , GET PAID MOVE ON
    It's like qualifying a fish for a foot race ?

    I wanted Jon to be Master of War, since no matter what he did his actions will always be honourable- he's the perfect man for the job since he is so loved by the people, his soldiers and he will never misuse his title no matter how tough the going gets.

    So Bronn points a crossbow and shortly after becomes an extremely powerful man, powerful enough to overthrow a king?
    Where do I sign up?

  5. If Jaime and Cersei died from rubble in the dragon skulls room (under the Throne Room as shown in the opening credits) how is it possible that there even is a Throne Room left for Daenerys to wonder in like a deranged Anti-Lannister Nazi?

  6. This review makes me feel even worse. Could you at least say Jon starts a new life with the free folk? Sigh. 70 some odd episodes to arrive at this. Jon was not a perfect character, but Iiked him better that the others. I don't like how Daenerys goes down, but you saw it coming. Jon? What did he do to deserve to be treated like this? His new found identity means nothing. His resurrecting from the dead means nothing. His leading the fight against the Night King means… Bran the Broken gets to sit on his own personal throne. Yay! Ned's execution, Red weddings, Battle of the Bastards, all so Bran can be King. People complained about NetFlix's Bird Cage. If you take away the fancy trappings of GoT, content-wise, it's no better. By the way I thought Drogon burning the throne was a gag by the writers a middle finger at the fans and dismissing them as chumps. Seriously.

  7. The first six seasons consisted of 10 episodes, Seasons 7 and eight cut back to six. From what I can gather, the two men responsible for GOT's success were hired to work on the next Star War's trilogy scheduled to begin 2022. George R.R. Martin was agreeable with a 10 season 10 episode run for GOT. HBO was agreeable and ready to spend for the additional money needed to fund GOT. The problem was replacing the two and so it was agreed to limit seasons 7 and 8 to six episodes.
    That meant the flow of the show would be changed for those two seasons. This resulted in GOT feeling hurried and bloated. Seeasons 7 and 8 were, technically, brilliant. But the story suffered under the weight of expectations and the arcs of characters had to be cut, shortened or eliminated This would leave fans disappointed and angry.

    Fans would be left to wonder, what if the producers had stuck with 10 episodes per season.

  8. Would you say "Oh LOTR ends with a joke as Frodo saves the world and then he has to go away, the book's ending was a waste of time!", I wonder.
    John has to go away not coz ppl forgot he's kinda Targarien, but because they DO know and remember he's kinda Targarien. And everyone just has been made sure that the Targariens are madness of blood and fire. So sending John to the Black is not just making peace between armies and preventing even more bloodshed, but also a move to cut short ill-famed House ultimately. And that is absolutely right thing to do — not on personal scale, but on realms scale. Past kings were nothing but trouble, truly, but the dragon-armed ones were the worst.
    Same comes to Bran being King. Thing is, a good ruler is not the one who's best in every way possible (noone's that, and if someone believes (s)he is, it may end with a city burned somehow), but the one who is fine with having a bunch brilliant minds on his side and willing to listen to them, but keeps the final decision to himself. As we saw for years, each of those brilliant minds gets blinded with their own brilliance from time to time, and giving the power to decide to another person, who is a knowing listener and not in the need to prove everyone that it's his idea which is the best possible, that's a very good point.

    And I'm surprised that the only thing which gnaws me, the only illogical thing was not even mentioned. That's keeping the capital in the same place. I can't see ordinary people coming back to live in the place which surely feels to be cursed with fire. From the very first battle and wildfires through the septa's blowing and to the latest utter destruction, it's surely faster, cheaper and more inspirational to build a new city, free of the tragic past, than remaking this one. I really don't believe in King's Landing reborn.

  9. Jon Snow did what wolverine/Logan did an xmen movie before. He stabbed the person he loves the most… To save her, and to save others… If you watched xmen before when Jean Grey went dark Phoenix before already and Logan/wolverine killed her because. She killed already charles.xavier and a lot of people, a dangerous deadly threat already….

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