Game of Thrones Sand Snakes Revealed (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones season 5 is coming, and with that is Dorne & Oberyn Martell’s daughters Tyene, Obara, and Nymeria Sand– The Sand Snakes. Game of Thrones weapons master Tommy Dunne explains new Dorne weaponry and fashion– what do you think of Dornish style being added, and is it what you imagined from A song of Ice and Fire?

Kim Horcher discusses with Marvel News Show (on the Shmoes Know Network) Hosts Matt Key and Meredith Placko.

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29 bình luận trong “Game of Thrones Sand Snakes Revealed (VIDEO)

  1. Hmm I'm still wondering why the show failed so hard on the Dorn storyline with its campy acting and badly choreographed fight scenes. Was it budget? Timing issues? Or is it just ridiculously difficult to execute for a TV show?

  2. From a book reader perspective the only one that's kinda strangely done is Tyene, she's not a fighter in the books, wears essentially nun clothes and is a poison expert.  She also had light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes lol.  It's an understandable change though, and the other two are fairly close to the book versions

  3. Cant lie im a lil disapointed with aereo hotahs axe not at all what I expected its said to be heavy n never leaves the big mans side this looms more like a hells wind staff from the kungfu flicks looks like something jet li would weild not a big burly mans axe that people struggle to lift. Sand snakes weapons look dope tho

  4. I think they should change things from the book, because a lot of times if you don't the story can suffer. Also too, if people who have read the books are a bit surprised by the show, isn't that a good thing? That way too you can get two stories out of it. ^__^ At least that's how I feel.

  5. Did Meredith just coin a new word, or did she borrow functionable from our last president? In not sure why everyone got so worked up over Oberyn, he was an arrogant fool. Prancing around the mountain like that, I was almost expecting him to say 'I'm going to kill you Mr. bond, but only after I give you every opportunity to kill me instead.' I get that he was looking for a confession before killing Gregor, but the obvious procedure would have been to slice sever every tendon in his arms and legs first, maybe cut of some fingers. That way the Mountain would have been as helpless on his back as his namesake Gregor Samsa in The Metamorphosis.

  6. The Sand Snakes are shells of characters in the books, they are mentioned and rarely seen…and they are replacing a interesting character in Arrianne Martell. They are essentially dumbing down a story about succession and making it a simple revenge story. blahhhh

  7. Yes the weapons look great, but the casting was totally off. D and D have read the books so they both have a good idea, of what the Sand Snakes should look like. The red head seems like she didn't even read the books. John Iadarola should have been part of this discussion. He at least knows what he is talking about.

  8. You sometimes don't think about all the detail they add in the show.  The whip not only has the snake on the handle but if you look closely the texure of the whip resembles snake skin which is cool.

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