Game Builder Garage is Impressive, but Not Perfect – REVIEW (Switch)

Is Game Builder Garage as awesome as it seems? Find out in our review that explores the game creator interface, tutorial effectiveness, controls, game logic, online game sharing, comparisons to Dreams and Labo VR, and tons more! All this and more in our in-depth review of Game Builder Garage on Nintendo Switch!
Review by: André Segers
Thumbnail by: Tom Arnold


  1. Got to test the demo this night, was suprised how great that first levels tutorial were, for something that went for hours on a game design thing to learn to start prototyping in game maker, the tutorial got you further in waaaay less time, getting it just to be able to play through that since it seems very handlheld which kind of is a great way to teach (hopefully).

  2. It would be cool if a few years from now they make a Game Builder Garage 2 and fix all those problems he stated in the video and add a l it if new stuff

  3. So, in my experience, for a Pacman game, the easiest thing to do for AI is to get it to pick a random invisible point (dot) and move there (using its pathfinding logic). Once it gets there, it picks another one, and so on. You can really easily vary the behaviours of the different enemies.

  4. so there mouse and touch screen right? but how do you use the joy stick (and is it possible? in video it look like he use the stick)

  5. As an actual programmer I found this to be extremely aggravating.

    I just played through the demo which runs you through the first game tutorial; for me all of the concepts were just completely self evident aside from the "objects appear on the screen where you place them in the programming area" thing, which admittedly was also pretty intuitive as soon as I saw it. I kept wanting to just experiment and ignore all of the dialogue which was trying to explain object oriented programming to me for the 1000th time. I also can't help but think that this toolset will end up being very limited because you can't import assets from elsewhere. It feels like a huge oversight that you can't just use unity or blender and import a file format from your computer for example. Making pixel maps or any kind of drawings with the switch touch screen just isn't going to cut it.

    Also would be nice if you could create custom objects, even if they are somewhat simplistic it would open up the possibilities of these games significantly. From what I've seen though, this is not a thing. The programming logic reminds me of scratch and simulink which are both fairly competent tools but visual programming is typically ineffecient once you try to achieve a certain complexity. There is a reason that no visual programming languages are really mainstream outside of teaching.

    Oh well, I guess it makes sense that this tool really wouldn't be for someone like myself since I could build a game faster in something like unity or game maker studio.

  6. This is the perfect game for kids to learn how to make games themselves. My 8 year old self would be in heaven.

    It's a bit much for my 6 year old son, but I'm tempted to buy it now so that he can mess with it as he gets older and his reading improves

  7. I actually enjoy creating games more than playing them a lot of times, just haven't been able to make games for awhile cause they take so long. Hoping this speeds up the process!

  8. Don't worry, Andre! I'm sure Nintendo will give this game a good and healthy set of updates over the course of- Oh, who am I kidding? Nintendo is gonna kill the game after 2 major updates…

  9. I like the idea, but the lack of a sharing hub and 3D editor are actual deal-breakers for me : I can't see why either had to be omitted, though if they're included as part of a patch later down the road, I'll look back into this.

  10. I have a few questions about features in the game if you make a questions and answers video or want to answer it here:
    1) Can you make text boxes like an rpg would have?
    2) does the game support save data in games? Like could a player pick up your game where it was left off?

    I'm guessing not, but wanted to check.

  11. The problem with these game making games is while they make the process incredibly simple, it can't provide you the mind processes you need to approach programming (whether drag and dropping nodons or writing code).

  12. I hope after the first month of te game being out they do a QOL update with things like a proper online game/asset store its a lost potential if it does not get added

  13. It just looks the same as labo vr garage, even with the same objects, its just laid out more simpler for £27 errr no thanks nintendo, its like nintendo had nothing coming this yr so somone just said well take the labo vr garage creator and give it a new look with all the same features and all the same content but include instruction game how to use it

  14. I would be extremely interested in Nintendo offering a Game Builder Garage player only version for $10 or something like that. I’m interested to see what people make but not interested in coding at all

  15. If anything, I hope it shows regular people how complicated programming can be. I get frustrated whenever people demand what they don't realize are complicated features and expect them to be easy.

    Also, competent AI is one of the hardest things to actually program. Some people literally leave it for last.

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