EDG vs TES Highlights Game 3 LPL Spring Playoffs R4 2021 EDward Gaming vs Top Esports by Onivia

EDG vs TES Highlights Game 3 LPL Spring Playoffs R4 2021 EDward Gaming vs Top Esports by Onivia
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  1. we called EDG内战幻神, which means super strong when they fight with LPL team, but so weak when they battle with World game. I like IG , and the shy. But I have to admit that win because the shy, and also lose because the shy. ADC and support and jungle have gap with other LPL team in this season. But there’s a news that Sicong wang wanna buy uzi with 1 billion RMB. But who knows, because he have a fuxking disgusting contract with RNG. If Uzi join IG. It’s unstoppable

  2. 8:53 "form is temporary, class is forever" women shoutcasters always cringes me 🤦‍♂️. Its class is "permanent". Thats the litral quoute

  3. Look at that, most of the Worlds teams from last year sucked a$$. Suning lost to TES, JDG lost (badly) to FPX, and TES lost hard to the boomer team EDG, and obviously LGD is an absolute no name. You see?? Worlds curse guys it's happening and it ain't a coincidence. Good thing Damwon isn't a victim compared to these guys.

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