EDG vs TES – Game 3 | Round 4 LPL Spring 2021 playoffs | Edward Gaming vs Top Esports G3

lpl play-offs TES vs EDG Game 3 China LPL Spring 2021 Round 4 – Top Esports vs Edward Gaming Game 3 | EDG vs TES G3 2021 English VOD | Spring 2021 Edward Gaming vs Top Esports G3 VOD
League of Legends Pro League China LPL Spring 2021 – regular split.
Third match of the day – Top Esports vs Edward Gaming best of 5 Game 3. TES vs EDG G3.

Edward Gaming Line-up:
Flandre – Top Nocturne
Jiejie – Jungle Udyr
Scout – Mid Sylas
Viper – ADC Tristana
Meiko – Support Rell

Top Esports Line-up:
369 – Top Gangplank
karsa – Jungle Hecarim
Knight – Mid Orianna
JackeyLove – ADC Jinx
Zhuo – Support Alistar

Patch: 11.6 – Season 11
Game date: 08.04.2021 | 04/08/2021 | April 8th 2021
Game place: china
Casters: Hysterics and Froskurinn

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  1. Game Start: 3:55
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  2. these commentators are so dumb what do you mean EDG mid is gifted he has three tanks with cc in front of him for all three games and if he was so gifted he would have a world champion under his belt but he dont lol. what is wrong with ignorants not understanding that this tanky meta is really helping teams win. Every team fight TES is dealing with three tanks in front of them hitting them with cc plus taking all the damage and EDG two carries are just getting fed. These people need new jobs they can't even understand what are they watching lol. EDG picked the best champion(nocturne) to take down any adc or mid in a team fight and he also went tank lol. TES need brain cells ASAP

  3. I expected tes to lose but damn 3-0???I don't know what's more weird the 3-0 or frosk casting again with these " too white casters"

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