Dodgers vs. Giants Game Highlights (9/5/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Giants highlights from 9/5/21, pres. by Roman

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31 bình luận trong “Dodgers vs. Giants Game Highlights (9/5/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. Tony Randazzo, who was the home plate umpire, was embarrassingly horrible. He did not know the width of the plate calling balls that should have been strikes and strikes that should have been balls all night. At least he did it against both teams but he was horrible.

  2. Nice hard fought win for the Giants! Glad they were able to win the season series. Hopefully the Giants will be able to button up that rotation after Wood gets back off the covid IL. McGee is starting to rack up those blown saves and today he was close to doing it again. At least they were able to hold on and win but idk how the Giants will be able to save those close one run leads as long as we have McGee as our closer. Just doesn’t look good rn…?‍♂️

  3. Can't wait to see my Cardinals SWEEP the Lodgers this week. Then, my Redbirds will TAKE the NL Central, MAKE the postseason yet again, then on October 30, win the World Series for the TWELFTH time!

  4. Back in 1st place with the best record in ⚾️ GOT TO BUEHLER EARLY, HE GOT SHELLED DAMN I LOVE IT. Offense exploded great redemption game and the pen hung in there. Grinded the entire series well fought on both sides! How we won without a starter amazes me.

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