Dodgers vs. Giants Game Highlights (7/27/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Giants full game highlights from 7/27/21

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  1. You gotta LOVE that DODGER DEFENSE!!! I guess it's good enough if you're only going to play a 60 game season. Forever a HUGE ASTERISK NEXT TO THAT 2020 WORLD SERIES "CHAMPIONSHIP"…

  2. All the people who laughed at bellinger wouldnt last one day in the bigs. Much easier to be a keyboard warrior from your couch. That's okay though, was still a good game overall. Dodgers – Giants are tied 7-7, and the Giants deserved this win. See you tonight

  3. headline on Giant's MLB web site story on this game calls Bellinger's throw an "unreal airmail" 
    while accurate; it seems a bit unfair.
    Bellinger started to go to 2nd, so Muncy changed direction to clear a path for that throw, as Bellinger saw he had no play at 2nd but might have a chance to get the lead runner going back to 3rd. Bellinger shifted his body & attention to 3rd quickly & just as he was about to let it go he saw Muncy's head cross directly in the path of his throw. Unfortunate timing yes; but I can't fault the guy for throwing it away at last microsecond to keep from hitting a teammate in the head w/ a 90mph throw.

  4. Turn on your own teammate when all the facts are not present yet (Bauer), visit the White House while it's still occupied by an illegitimate presidency (lol), WHAT DID THE DODGERS THINK WOULD HAPPEN!?!?!? As a former lifelong fan of this once-celebrated LA sports franchise, I'm relieved to see the overachieving Giants continue to stick it to 'em every chance they get so far this season. KEEP RUBBIN' THAT SALT IN THEIR SELF-INFLICTED WOUNDS, SF!!!

  5. Giants fans I'll give your team props, and enjoy it right now because when it comes to playoffs best of 7 dodgers will win for sure vs the GAYants. Also dodgers will win it all this year. Back to back baby!!!

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