DK vs GEN Highlights Game 2 Finals Spring Playoffs 2021 DWG KIA vs Gen G by Onivia

DK vs GEN Highlights Game 2 Finals Spring Playoffs 2021 DWG KIA vs Gen.G by Onivia
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  1. Backs against the wall, DK pulls this game out!! This is why they are the champs. Very Impressive display of control and discipline. World class team here

  2. GenG playing like a bunch of p*ssies holy shit when the kill lead was 20-7 they were still scared of fighting, split decision making at baron, and then they just tucked their tails and did jack shit for the rest

  3. Wtf…..yep that's why DWG were big favorites.
    Showmaker is way way better at big stages than Bdd.
    Canyon… well he's the best jg in the world.
    Rascal makes no impact in TF's.

  4. holy shit Canyon's spears, Ghost's positioning/spacing, Beryl's engages and Khan/Showmaker's aggression, all these exactly when they mattered

  5. This game is the best representation on how trash the adc role right now imagine solo killed by a full tank sion lulw. Before adc just "wait me on late game and I will kill you all" while today even you're well fed and got your items you're still can't carry solo.

  6. Lol … they now really remind me of SKT. back in the day SKT could win any game even if it conflicted with basic league of legend rules …

  7. That spear from Canyon changes the favor to the side of DK. Bad positioning by Ruler in that teamfight but still props to him for giving an instense fight until the end.

    DK be like "They got me at the first half, ain't gonna lie" lmao

  8. Yo only DK will really go ahead toe to toe against tanky comp and win the game. DK is just built totally differently. This should be a message to other teams in other regions that go ahead and try to bring that tanky comp. DK will dominate

  9. DK has officially taken the role of SKT, who knows they could win MSI and Worlds this year. But EDG could be a contender (if they don't choke in the quarterfinals of Worlds).

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