Dangerous Game ft. Henk Poort (Jekyll & Hyde cover)

A new cover with the one and only Henk Poort! Known for his theater, musical & acting history and of course our duet of The Phantom of The Opera at @AVROTROS Beste Zangers! This time we decided to collaborate once more and cover a different musical song! This time it is Dangerous Game from Jekyll & Hyde. A true joy to be working with Henk again! Hope you all enjoy this cover!

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Floor Jansen

36 bình luận trong “Dangerous Game ft. Henk Poort (Jekyll & Hyde cover)

  1. How is it possible that she barely her mouth, sings half a note and just that gave me chills from head to toe?
    PS: this feels like the continuation of Christine and The Phantom's complicated/dangerous romance-hate relatiomship

  2. Floor, you are a Jekyll and Hyde yourself! You become someone different with every song, genre, style. Always fascinating, magnificent, sometimes touching, or fierce, poignant, commanding, joyous, haunting, rollicking: you seem to discover different facets in each song and give us a peek inside. You transcend genres and labels; instead, your name has become a label itself for otherworldly performance! My heart is delighted, again.

  3. One more reason I am hoping to make metal musical theatre shows! I love how the orchestration adds a much more imminent sense of danger than other versions of the song where you can hear it but it’s much more subtle. Thank you for such a an amazing performance to all involved! Such an inspiration!

  4. Oh my goodness. I sure hope you two do more together. You just have such good chemistry and sound so amazing together. It makes people feel good inside when we watch and listen. Thank you so much. Just what I needed today! All the best 🙂

  5. tales of mystery and imagenation, yup ik weet Edgar allan poe en niet Stevenson, maar jullie twee samen? dan kan ik er niet meer om heen. Vergeef me mijn a-musicaliteit maar de tonaties, de expressie de manier waarop julie dit tot leven brengen… alsof ik getuige ben van iets dat gebeurd ( leg ik het zo goed uit? vast niet). Vreemd is dat me ooit gebeurde bij een album van "the Allen parson Project). precies "tales of mystery and imaganation" het album dat ik grijs gedraaid heb en nog steeds grijs draai.
    Een duo door muzes samen gebracht, door de goden bedacht, in cyberspace gesmeed,,,,gesmeed door Wieland himself….

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