Cubs vs, Padres Game Highlights (6/7/21) | MLB Highlights

Cubs vs. Padres full game highlights from 6/7/21

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  1. Pad catcher eff'd up in that bases loaded bunt by the cubs. shoulda stayed planted at home but woulda coulda shoulda I guess. just disappointing if you're a SD ryan weathers fan

  2. I don’t usually watch baseball except sometimes if it’s my Cubs… But one thing I gotta say is that baseball comment sections are so wholesome lol, I’m actually intrigued. GG Padres, y’all are a great team.

  3. lol Padres is a good team but still got a lot to go thru n they gotta get better tatis jr super overrated dam not even mike trout

  4. That part of the fence in center field that cuts out to go a little deeper is Jurickson Profars biggest enemy the last couple days lol , could’ve robbed a homer from my Mets and could’ve brought another back from the Cubs this game

  5. 7:33 I haven't liked Anthony Rizzo, since 2017 when he collided with then Padres catcher Austin Hedges at home plate, during what can only be described as a "dirty slide". This 8th inning error made me smile! Manny Machado took advantage of the mistake, and on the next pitch drove a slider the other way to the seats in right field to give the Padres a 7-4 lead. The Astros and now the Cubs have learned the HARD way…don't give Manny or Fernando second chances……Go Padres!

  6. Where is spermdonor now? He did a lot of trash talking after his team was destroyed by the Giants. Did a lot of trash talking about the Padres. Now that the Pads have destroyed your team. You are no longer talking about the weak West and 2021 Champion Cubs? My Giants are a Pads competitor but I hope for more beatdowns of this Cubs team to send sperm donor to fertility army camp.

  7. Profar is gonna be really happy to not have to slam himself against that CF wall again whenever Grisham comes back 🤦🏽‍♂️😅😂

  8. We deserved this winning season for the entire baseball manufacturing team. Alzoloni – threw a piece of work at us. Scrappy game here which you would only grow to know the Cubs for. Long live the Murph.

  9. 7:40 I love Rizzo and he never makes those mistake. It was like the Hosmer gaff from few years ago and Machado busted his balls after he dropped it and Rizzo still smiled after Manny made him pay but you know he was screaming inside when that ball right after ended up going out.

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