Cubs vs. Brewers Game Highlights (6/30/21) | MLB Highlights

Cubs vs. Brewers full game highlights from 6/30/21

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33 bình luận trong “Cubs vs. Brewers Game Highlights (6/30/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. As a cubs fans, this is the tipping point of the season. Enjoy watching our favorite pieces play their last few games because the cubs are going to be sellers come trade deadline

  2. When Sogard pitched to Yelich at the end of the 8th, you could tell that Yelich knew it was way outside but he just wanted to end the game and not to show up the cubs. And he didn't really try to run – he just did a reunion of sorts with Sogard. Nice to see. Still remember Sogard fondly.

  3. We need a complete rebuild. This is just really sad. Starting pitching is pure garbage, offense is completely lost and all while wasting away a bullpen that has been very good. David Ross has become Joe Maddon 2.0.

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