Cardinals vs. Cubs Game Highlights (6/13/21) | MLB Highlights

Cardinals vs. Cubs full game highlights from 6/13/21

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46 bình luận trong “Cardinals vs. Cubs Game Highlights (6/13/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. Wish mlb would screen audience as long as it does before a pitch instead we get 5 seconds of nada..a quarter second of pitch released on last pitch..could watch the 3 strikes of

  2. Play regular non shift with Edman at 2nd. The inning is over no runs scored. No. Cards couldn't hit off speed if the had too. Nice movement and clever work from a kid that just wins. Cards need a coach an GM. 1 in the same. 10million 2 years is my bid. Might take 3yr to fix this ship thou. Cubs even nab Wisdom from us, Reds took a few others, n Phillies are doing ok with Miller. Have not checked Fowler's numbers but he CAN PLAY OUTFIELD. Chris Taylor – Joc. Deede. Cutch. Schwarber ..Profar..all were available as free agents…nah..

  3. I think the biggest difference between these 2 teams over the past month and a half is their record against .500 or better teams. The Cardinals have really struggled against good teams while the Cubs have swept the Dodgers, Padres, Mets, Cardinals. However hard to judge either of these teams fully with how many injuries both teams have suffered.

  4. Idk if it's just me. Martinez always seems to pitch great against the Cubs, he was terrible all year and has his best start against us. Would've shut us down if not for his defense crazy.

  5. Whew!!! Lol. The cubs are cookin with gas ⛽⛽ folks. Lol. Go back a month, 30 plus games, cubs have been hottest team in the league baby ???? lol. And that ain't milk in my bottle boo-boo ??

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