Back 4 Blood Beta and Boss Reveal | Summer Game Fest 2021

A brand new Back 4 Blood trailer showcasing a new boss and details on the beta was shown. Back 4 Blood is a new game by the creators of Left 4 Dead, with an open Beta beginning August 5th, and Back 4 Blood itself releasing October 12th.


  1. I know it can be kinda hard not to compare this to l4d since it's suppose to be a spiritual successor made by the original creators , but c'mon guys y'all expectations are too high for a game that is brand new, who knows how well it will do only time can tell, but if this game turns out be good or any case an ok game, then lots of y'all are certainly gonna be disappointed because it's not l4d, it is its own thing. stop having high expectations for this if you want it to be exactly like Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2

  2. Believe me that I do not have the price of the price of food in my channel, the situation is difficult and it is difficult to reach YouTube conditions

  3. Now B4B is being given a bad wrap for varying reasons but here is the real errors you should consider if it interests you
    -DLC yes there will be DLC as well as cosmetics for micro transactions
    -New unfamiliar characters and designs they can feel very daunting when you compare them to the more renowned left for dead environment and characters
    -WB these guys are trying to make it another triple a title and want to add implements such as the DLC
    -TRS is trying their best here to keep this game healthy in terms of repayability and such

    Thank you for your time and I hope cleared up misconception due to some not being in the discord and likely misinterpreting!

  4. Do you have to pre order or is the beta “open” and preorder gets you early access? I’ll just wait for it to be open to everyone

  5. The last demo was a bit weak imo, I hope the release won't be too early. Scared to see a simple Nextgen version of L4D (Or a missed opportunity like WWZ or Walking Dead)

  6. Idk man I'm a huge left 4 dead fan but this game has me feeling so iffy. They advertise so much how they were the left 4 dead developers then tell all the people that want that that they're not making a left 4 dead game.The fact that WB is publishing this is scary enough since we saw what they did with microtransactions for Shadow of War. The characters locked behind dlc paywalls, the deluxe and premium editons announced at the beta, the contrived copper system to buy anything, no vs mode yet and the fact that not much changed based on feedback from alpha to beta. I'll wait and see, dying light 2 is right around the corner and left 4 dead still has servers up.

  7. The publisher will relegate this to micro transaction hell, where it will see the same fate as Evolve. Turtle rock Studios made Evolve and it died quickly because of all the stupid post purchase paywalls. Seems they haven’t learned a damn thing here.

  8. Not interested after they basically came out to say this is going to have tons of microtransactions.
    Card mechanics for skills, weapons, and other modifiers.
    Or in the words of EA "surprise mechanics"

  9. I miss the aesthetic of Left 4 dead were the zombies are realistically mutated and scabby and gross look. Why zombies have to glow orange all they time

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