ATLAS – New Game to Replace ARK Survival Evolved?! Early Look + Hilarious Nerd Parade Review!

ATLAS – The MMO from the Creators of ARK Survival Evolved was just announced and we take a detailed Early Look at what it has to Offer from everything we’re excited about to what scares us!

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  1. this game is early access on xbox and its being to become on its own feet and its looking good so far and i cant wait for the bugs to be fixed and they keep changing things for the better so don't writ them off let ok

  2. well looking at the reviews this game is a no go for solo players. no cheat protection. so just ark with mega tribes… count me out

  3. You are so right when you said theres alot wrong with ark :),and that wild card instead of adressing mayor issues rather trows new shiny turds at you thats exactly what is happeneing to atlas rn,with 2nd mega update incomming,they add in a ton of new shiny turds.. but adressing lagg/stalls and server performance nope,ATLAS truely turned into somekind of drama show,where millions already lost fate and quit on the game and the devolpers will need years to turn it into god knows what …i feel like the devs are liars and incapable of making a functioning game tbh .

  4. wait till you play it and then you will notice how badly the game has been made. one of the worst games i have ever played and iv been playing games for more than 20 years if that is not saying something buy it and you will see id suggest keeping your receipt.

  5. yay another completely bug ridden game they wont fix for over 3 years

    but lets see if they learned ANYTHING from ark about bug fixes

    but seeing as the steam reviews are at 28% as of 12/29/18

  6. It should be an Ark DLC, but its a Standalone game made for the Christmas sell… because if its not an ARK DLC even Seasonpass owner needs to buy it xD

    And no one can play it because Servers are full and the Perfomance sucks and and and…


  8. So as of the day this game released on Early Access it has a "Mostly Negative" review, and I think the reviewer Jeff ツ probably says it best why it has such a low review on early access.

    "Do NOT buy this game in its current state. It's a reskin of Ark that is somehow WORSE than Ark. If you look in the games install folder, there are folders literally called ScorchedEarth and Abberation just reusing assets from Ark. And on top of that, if you have a controller plugged in, scroll down to the bottom of the options on the main menu. If you scroll down 1 more past that, there's another invisible menu option. Hit A or X or whatever on your controller, and it opens up THE ARK MENU. It even shows options to choose which Ark DLC you want to play, edit map options, etc.

    For a game that according to the developers "has a chance to be the greatest of all time", this is utter♥♥♥♥♥♥ It is literally a reskinned Ark that is less functional. Look back at Ark's development. Launched early access for $30, then a paid $20 DLC was released IN EARLY ACCESS, and then the price later went up to $60 and ANOTHER paid DLC came out. Be smart, expect the same from Atlas."

  9. @Nerd Parade Hey man there is a new trailer with new info that tells you about the tanks and planes and so on, as being part of the mod ability and dev kit just like ark. It isn't saying it will be part of the official game release.

  10. wild card is owned by snail games. snal games made dark and light. wild card made ark. dark and light used assets from ark because Snail games owns the rights.

  11. Curious how claiming land works. You have to explore most of it to stake a claim so many miles around or what? Or be on a boat and aim at a island and be like that's all mine? Then race full speed ahead to claim more islands? I know they said about charging people taxes if they wanna live there on your land.

  12. Has anyone updated Nerd Parade on his many wrong assumptions? Felt like he was annoyed that he felt they were abandoning ARK and just had it out for Atlas and (unlike normally) could not read and see what it was saying. Like completely missing tanks airships and the other BS is completely unoficial and mods. Or that wildcard is making this game instead even though it felt more like they have a team that does not work on ARK who are used to the engine (sister team) who will be making Atlas along side the new team.

  13. Im pretty sure this game will succeed somehow even if it turns out to have the same issues as ark and same development cycle of add content rather than fixing. Tbh I don't think there is many other good survival games to compete with ark.

  14. reminds me of a complete modded version of ark like they do with skyrim where they completely change the game , it has lots of ark objects /animations and structures

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