Astros vs. Padres Game Highlights (9/5/21) | MLB Highlights

Astros vs. Padres full game highlights from 9/5/21, presented by Roman.

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  1. For the moment…the Toronto Blue Jays…are the Astros' best friends. Knocking of Oakland in a 3 game series sweep, and hammering the Yankees today…8-0 Thanks to the baseball gods…the A's have been on a skid. This short series coming up against the Mariners…is critical. They have now overtaken the A's for second place. Go Astros! Hang in there boys!!! Hold on to your seats Astros fans…this is going to be another exciting October.

  2. can somebody explain to me how machado (3rd baseman) made a play all the way out in right field? if it was left field i would understand.. did the move him to 1st or 2nd or something? i’m confused

  3. You gotta have Nola in there Caratini is not your answer he’s the weak link to that lineup
    I don’t care about the right or left match up
    Keep Nola playing if you want to save your job Tingler!!!!

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