Astros vs. Dodgers Game Highlights (8/4/21) | MLB Highlights

Astros vs. Dodgers full game highlights from 8/4/21, presented by @Romanhealth

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38 bình luận trong “Astros vs. Dodgers Game Highlights (8/4/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. As dodger fans, We have to start doing something drastic to let Dave Roberts know everytime he puts Jansen in is WRONG… And if that’s booing Jansen everytime than so be it

  2. These types of games make both teams better and the Astros played well in another teams house with extraordinary crowd nonstop noise 53,000. If you can play under that pressure- it better prepares you for playoffs under the lights.GG LA and H-Town. Remember- Everybody has to play on the road in the playoffs

  3. Here are the facts, yes the Dodgers won.
    A smart person would realize the Dodgers never gained any ground after we took Odorizzi out.
    If Mr. Odorizer was never a part of this game the Astros would have won this hands down…
    It doesn’t take a genius to realize that.
    We Stros looking at a pretty big comeback…

  4. That was a good game. Too bad Dodgers fans had to ruin it by throwing trash and starting fights. If Odorrizi wasnt pitching this game wouldve probably had a different ending. We want this bum off the team. He's a garbage closer.

  5. I am an Astros fan but I have to say if the dodgers and giants keep playing like this the AL will lose in the WS. The Astros pitching will be on a roll and then just become horrible. I understand the booing but fans are throwing balls on the field and that is dangerous when you don’t know they are coming.

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