Asmongold Reacts to NEW Games & Trailers | Summer Game Fest – FULL EVENT (E3 2021)

THE 2021 E3 WEEK HAS BEGUN! Asmongold reaction to Summer Game Fest, presenting a ton of new games (MMOs, RPGs, Shooters, Action Games and more) and of course new trailers, including:

Metal Slug Tactics 0:00
Death Stranding: Director’s Cut 2:49
Jurassic World: Evolution 2 9:48
Sable 13:00
Lost Ark 16:04
Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops 19:37
Movie Trailer – Free Guy 24:31
New Among Us Mode 27:02
Salt And Sacrifice 28:33
Solar Ash 32:00
Chivalry 2 33:15
Valorant 35:30
Escape from Tarkov 35:56
Two Point Campus 38:46
Smite 40:45
The Anacrusis 42:06
New World 43:55
Rocket League 45:00
House Of Ashes 46:30
Tales Of Arise 49:10
Sky: Children of Light 51:10
Planet Of Lana 51:52
Overwatch 2 54:28
Dark Alliance: Dungeons & Dragons 56:50
Paladins 58:50
Monster Hunter 1:00:13
What the hell is this!? 1:02:10
Endless Dungeon 1:05:05
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 1:06:55
Far Cry 6 1:08:10
Fall Guys 1:12:32
Genshin Impact 1:13:09
Deviation Games 1:14:10
Sonic Orchestra Performance 1:17:37
Back 4 Blood 1:20:00
Tunic 1:21:10
Tribes of Midgard 1:22:56
Evil Dead 1:25:06
Elden Ring 1:28:28

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Channel Editors: CatDany & Daily Dose of Asmongold

► Outro song: CatDany – Get Enough

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  1. I love how when asmon went to the bathroom during the wheezer song the editor just skipped through the song until he came back. Such low key savagery.

  2. Holy shit, i never thought i would see a Jurassic Park game return.
    This is suppose to be where you can play the Dinosaurs like the very old games right?

  3. My wrestling character is based on Drizzt, the red eyes, even though his are purple.
    So you mean it’s not based on him at all right ? Cool…

  4. Let's make a bingo card for every game or franchise Asmon ISN'T familiar with lmao
    Might fill out quickly
    Good commentary but was honestly surprised at how out of the loop (for lack of a better term) he is.

  5. wow all the games shown are all bad except for one lol and that's Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart glad I didn't waste my time watching the whole stream and just skipped the crap games 0_0

  6. So hyped for salt and sacrifice, i 100 % the previous game a while back and i highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of both 2D graphics and the dark souls genre

    i'd say that it's the best game out there of this particular genre combination

  7. Who the fuck is deciding these music themes in the background like the one in the Lost Ark?
    Is this trolling or that person has really no sense for an epic introduction…

  8. So Overwatch 2 is behind and not going well with development it feels like, so they send they director to go to a gameshow and talk about 2 skins.. ah yes, no wonder blizzard is on top

  9. >playstation exclusives are a 2d game with extremely low res coloring grid and and a 2d game with don't starve tier character animations except blown up on the whole screen and shitty flash game tier sprites
    absolute state of sony

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