Angels vs. Mariners Game Highlights (5/2/21) | MLB Highlights

Angels vs. Mariners full game highlights from 5/2/21

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30 bình luận trong “Angels vs. Mariners Game Highlights (5/2/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. i continue to state my guarenteed prediction that at the conclusion of 2021 trout will still be in search of a playoff win. and, this game served as further evidence: too many clashing egos leaving little room for teamwork. year in & year out this franchise spends a $billion on hitters while throwing a AA class pitching staff, have too many egos, never get crucial umpire calls. angels finish 2021 in the cellar

  2. If Abner Doubleday were alive today, he would be happy to tip his cap as to the two stolen bases after the HBP on Ohtani. Abner might have done the same thing after he was hit by the very first HBP. Nice touch, nice work.

  3. love what ohtani did, 'you gonna hit me? i'll be standing on third." 1:45, umpires are going to have adjust their strike calls during the "rosin era", pitches that break around the plate are not strikes.

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