Abandoned: A Mystery Game Spirals Out of Control

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  1. I'm thinking that this isn't an arg but someone who is delusional about their actual worth as a video game developer. Not sure how much they actually believe what they are saying, but it all feels to clumsy to be wholly intentional.

  2. Marketing? No.
    ARG? Probably not.
    Fraud? Yeah, that's probably a lot more likely.

    This practically reeks of a fraudster who has been pretending to be a game developer for years to bilk low level investors and seriously messed up a scam in progress by trying to rope the public in as unwitting shills, and now is so visible he can't hide. I would be incredibly shock if "Abandoned" actually exists in any form… let alone if Sony or Konami or Kojima have anything to do with any of this. The chances it will ever be released in any form are between slim and none because it never existed to begin with.

  3. so, is it an ARG taken over by a wild rumour, or is it a scam of some description trying desperately to not be engulfed by said rumour?

  4. TL;DR
    Turkish man tries to fake it till he makes it in the gaming industry, accidentally makes desperate novelty seekers and the "games press" demand something that isn't actually there.
    Also I severely doubt that Hideo Kojima would want to go back to Konami under any circumstances, and I have a feeling whatever the new Silent Hill thing is going to be it won't be what you actually want.

  5. I'm just going to wait to see what happens. I don't think Kojima is involved in this project but it turns out that he is I'll just go "yeah okay sure. That seems like something he would do."

  6. Heido Kojima = H.K.
    Hasan Kharaman = H.K.

    Karama= Nine Tailed FOX demon based upon Japanese translation. Granted spellings different but pronunciation it isn't a stretch.

  7. Hasan is all over twitter replying about how we will be satisfied with the final reveal.
    Is the name abandoned getting renamed? If not then that tweet was dumb af
    If the game gets renamed then Hasan isn’t the dumbest developer alive unless he meant its a survival game with a dumb tweet that makes no sense.
    All he replies is how great of a reveal will it be to people who followed him only after that S___L tweet.
    If its not silent hill the guy is dumb….very dumb.

  8. So my thoughts are this:

    Hasan is a real person and Blue Box is a real company, but they aren't a development company. It's a marketing front, and there is someone else actually making these games that Blue Box would be paying. It's possible this is a long con for the big project they're finally revealing now, and everything up to that point has just been there to dick with your expectations, but I think it's simpler.

    I think Sony pulled Blue Box into the loop with a project they've (Sony) been quietly working on, but weren't sure how to sell yet. They talked things over with Hasan, came to an agreement, decided to take a few cues from KojiPro, and here we are. Blue Box would get what it wants (exposure and income,) Sony gets what it wants (a marketing gimmick.)

  9. I…kinda feel like it was an April Fools bit to build hype, but when people got way too excited, he realized the backlash would be farrrr too severe, (Hence the “…sneaky Hideo Kojima marketing trick.” line, leading me to believe they intended to reveal that leading people on was intentional.) so Hasan/his team/Sony backpedaled h a r d .

  10. You should check out the Evertale creepy ads thing going on. Basically, there are roughly a hundred horror and weird ads on youtube and other platforms for Evertale… which is just a regular innocent gatcha mobile game, with no horror components at all. It's going on for a while now.

  11. You're such a great narrator.
    I knew what it was about.
    But i don't think i would be able to tell the story as good as you.
    Or make me invested in your narration for me to listen to again (I knew what it was bout).

    Well done 😀

  12. Hassan doing a video has big shades of that time Star Trek set up entire fake social media profiles with video for a guy called Javid Iqbal who didn't exist to try and make it look less obvious that Shazad Latif was playing two roles in the show

  13. That has to be the strangest pronunciation of Joakim I have ever heard, it's not French, it's Swedish, so it should be pronounced as Yo-A-Kim

  14. My theory is that there is a fairy godmother. Hideo Kojima, While he is making a new Silent Hill game he also wanted to support an Indie Dev so he funded the guy's actual gaming project but also got him to help with viral marketing. So potentially we [as in people with the systems to run it] might get a new Silent Hill game and a Abandoned game. I do think Hideo Kojima is involved though he seems like the kinda guy to fairy godmother a struggling developer

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