7 Times Taking Selfies Was Almost as Fun as the Game

Games with great photo modes give aspiring photographers a chance to take some truly spectacular shots, and finding the selfie picture can be so engrossing it’s almost more fun than playing the game itself. Need convincing? Look upon these seven videogame photo modes that were nearly more enjoyable than the actual game they’re found in. Enjoy, and subscribe for a video like this every Thursday!

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  1. The Subnautica games – especially Subnautica Below Zero with it's gorgeous alien arctic landscapes – is a fun one. It's not very complicated, you can take photos during cutscenes, and then if you want, you can put them in picture frames and hang them up in your seabase!

  2. Ahhhh — so nice to see everyone sitting down and going on about their favorite gaming stuff. And yes, gotta love a good photo mode! How else are you gonna impress all those people on your social media of choice?

  3. I love the photo mode in Borderlands 3, its not the best one out there but it allows me to add to my ever increasing collection of photos of my Vault Hunters perched on top of things like birds…its the little things in life.

  4. KH3 for two reasons:
    1.) You can take selfies in boss battles.
    2.) DLC let you arrange every important character in the game you like, with particle effects as a bonus.
    3.) You can rearrange Andy's letter blocks.

  5. While it tragically doesn’t have an official photo mode (valid, considering), I played Hollow Knight on the switch and spent a considerable amount of time mashing the screenshot button on the controller during my first playthrough. What a beautiful game.

  6. In Infamous, there was a Photographer side-quest. You'd perform stunts and he'd snap exciting photos. Infamous 2 allowed for user generated content. I made a mission called "Bad Publicity" in the same vein. However, you'd perform innocent actions but in the snapped photos there'd be hurt pedestrians and frightened cops making you look like a total monster. I planned a sequel where you'd have to deactivate TV transmitters around town before your unbecoming photos were shown on the nightly news.

  7. Do they have someone who just come up with all these sly jokes that make fun of game, gamers, characters, or just anything for these videos, cause I lost it when they made fun of the guy who “doesn’t own a shirt the does up” in final fantasy….

  8. I could not find where you had done this topic before and I did search quick. What about times that bosses should have killed you when they had the chance but didn't. Vas from FarCry 3 is a perfect example. He shoots your brother, immediately after coldly executing a bunch of other people, but then he lets you run off into the jungle? Later after you have killed dozens of his men he captures you and instead of stabbing you, or shooting you he ties you up and tries to drown you.
    Also Ghost of Tsushima had a pretty legendary photo mode.

  9. Been having way too much fun taking photos in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Not only has it been great getting some beautiful planet surface shots and ruins photos, but I have an entire album' s worth of photos dedicated to dramatic near misses and one that I like to call "Shepard Punches Everything"

  10. “Enough filters to keep even the most reality denying Instagram influencer happy” – Andy that was too real it killed me 💀

    My personal favourite photo modes are Horizon Zero Dawn and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (possibly the only thing that game is good for)

    One game I wish had a photo mode is the Witcher 3, still it didn’t stop me from taking screenshots in pretty much every cut scene

    Maybe that’s an idea for a new list feature – 7 games we wish had a photo mode?

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